On the arts: Madison Voigt ’15, Mackenzie Voigt ’17 and Pieper Stence ’18


Layla Hannaford, Video Editor and Broadcast Manager

Singing and theater performances aren’t always just a hobby; for Madison Voigt ’15, Mackenzie Voigt ’17 and Pieper Stence ’18, music is a family affair.

In addition to being related, the two sisters and their cousin have more in common. Mackenzie and Stence are both in Showtime, Madison is in Good Time Company, and they all take voice lessons. However, what unites them the most is their love of performing.

“[Performing is] one of the things we like to do together,” Mackenzie said. “We had this little musical group and performed for our parents on family vacations.”

Since then, both Voigts and Stence have influenced and helped each other with performing.


Recorded and Edited by Layla Hannaford


Vocals: Mackenzie Voigt

Harmony: Madison Voigt


Stay by Rihanna

Vocals: Piper Stence

Piano: Mackenzie Voigt


Original by Madison Voigt and Teah Hannaford

Vocals: Madison Voigt

Harmony: Teah Hannaford

Piano: Teah Hannaford