Restaurant review: Mirabito’s Italian


Megumi Kitamoto

Mirabito’s Italian opened last month, and the owners are the parents of senior Anthony and sophomore Nick Mirabito. Tucked away in a place with other restaurants and stores in North Liberty, finding the restaurant itself was a relatively stress-free process. It is apparent that Mirabito’s has a very welcoming and homey atmosphere, even from the outside. I walked in and knew very quickly that it would be an enjoyable place to eat, since there were very few tables for two and many tables that seated at least three people. An appealing aspect of the restaurant was the extremely considerate servers who were kind enough to check in with customers and even crack a few jokes.

I ordered the Meatball Lasagna for $10. The wait for the food was a reasonable amount of time, but there was bread offered shortly after ordering so it didn’t feel too long. My lasagna was a pleasant surprise. The relatively petite portions made it easy to devour while still feeling satisfied. This was probably the first time that I had not taken home lasagna after I ordered it.

Bread Lasagna

In short, I loved Mirabito’s. The food is inexpensive, with the most priced item at about $20, which is excellent for a high schooler on a budget. It is very apparent that each component of the food was made with a lot of care, and that’s something you don’t see very often at restaurants. As I mentioned before, Mirabito’s interior has a great atmosphere to it, and it makes eating a lot like devouring a meal at home. If you ever find yourself wandering around North Liberty for a place to eat, stop by Mirabito’s for quality service and Italian food. Check out their Facebook page “Mirabito’s Italian Restaurant” to find out more about the restaurant.