Girls track rising star Rachel Hoeft


Gabby Skopec, Sports Editor

Track Uniform Running Rachel Hoeft’s ‘18 track career started where many other students started, “My first track meet was in fifth grade, the one for one day.” Unlike other students, however, Hoeft’s running career didn’t stop after elementary school, in fact it had just begun. Hoeft continued on to compete in junior high track and now is a member of the high school team, “It’s a lot harder and the coaches are much more serious about it and it’s just better.” The more serious approach to track seems to have paid off for Hoeft who placed 9th at the Demon Indoor and 10th at the Wartburg Indoor in the varsity competition. Before her success in track Hoeft competed in gymnastics, “ I used to do gymnastics, I did it for eight years; it taught me a lot, like determination.” Hoeft said. The determination that Hoeft learned shows through, with goals to go qualify for the Drake Relays, a track meet held in Des Moines where athletes must qualify for by running one of the top times in the state, all classes combined. Results aren’t the only thing Hoeft is looking forward to in track, “[I’m looking forward to] making a lot of memories and making friends.” Hoeft said.Profile 2