Fashion Friday: Allison Christopher ’17

The West Side Story takes a look into the style of junior Allison Christopher


 West Side Story: How would you describe your style?

Allison Christopher ’17: It’s kind of a mix of everything. I like to think of it as classy and grunge because sometimes I’m like, ‘Let’s dress really fancy and wear a really nice dress and cute heels,’ but other times [I’ll wear] oversized sweaters and jeans with holes in them.

WSS: Where do you shop in the surrounding area?

AC: American Eagle is where I get a lot of my stuff, but I like to go to second-hand stores like Revival downtown. I get a lot of really cute dresses there.

WSS: Where do you shop outside of the surrounding area?

AC: I do a lot of online shopping at places like ModCloth which has a lot of vintage like 1950s, 1940s looking stuff.

WSS: What advice would you give to help students find their style?

AC: Experiment. I know especially last year I experimented a ton and I’ve kind of honed in on things I like. Even though I like to say I have a pretty defined sense of fashion, I’m still experimenting with new styles everyday.

WSS: What is a go-to outfit for you?

AC: Dress, tights, cardigan and my boots.

WSS: What is your favorite piece of clothing?

AC: I have this one dress and it’s really adorable. It’s looser fitting and has a belt. It is this light blue color and it has an orange-black butterfly flower pattern. It’s really 70s, and is from Revival.

WSS:  What is your favorite accessory?

AC: My favorite accessory would probably be my bracelet that I wear everyday. It’s gold and it has sapphires and diamonds on it.  It was my grandmother’s so it has sentimental value to me.

WSS: Where do you get fashion inspiration?

AC: Everywhere. I get inspiration from people at our school, people I meet on the streets, online, magazines, TV shows, my favorite celebrities and music stars.

WSS: How has your style progressed over time?

AC: When I was younger it was very much bright and peppy colors. Then in junior high I went almost goth for a period of time. In high school I have kind of mixed the two together and it’s become whatever I find that I like I will put together in an outfit.

WSS: How does your lifestyle influence your style?

AC: Being a dancer I tend to choose shoes that have a lot of support. [Being a dancer] also influences the colors I choose since I wear a lot of really light colors. I tend to wear a lot of pinks, whites and neutral colors.

WSS: How does your style reflect your personality?

AC: It’s very bold, but I wouldn’t say I’m a very bold person. So what I can’t express through interactions I tend to express through the clothes I wear.