Club connection: G! World

G! World is a club at West that has a group of girls all working towards achieving their goals and overcoming obstacles, together.


Jiung Jung, Copy Editor

If one walks by room 32 Tuesdays after school, they should prepare to hear an abundance of girls talking passionately about essentially anything. Why? This is when G! World, a club geared towards self-identified female minorities, meets.

“G! World is a basically a group of girls, and basically we just sit around and talk about issues that have been going on in the world,” Janelle Beeman ’19 said. “[The issues] are more specific towards females, but there are other things we talk about.”

G! World is entering its 2nd year at West, and it has so far been very successful. With around 10-15 members, the club members discuss issues that can range from homework to the growing potential of minority young women.

“I want a good turnout. It’s a lot better when there’s a lot of people here,” Araya McCutcheon ’17 said. “That way, we can have a lot more opinions about whatever we’re talking about.”

An average day in G! World is composed around a sheet of paper that indicates what they will be talking about. Then, the students take over the discussion, and they make sure to let everyone participate.

“We have different sheets pertaining to each week,” Jillian Baker ’19 said. “One week we might be talking about how relationships might be between parents, teachers and friends, and one week we might be talking about our grades, our school work.”

Through discussion, the overall goal of the club is to give females confidence and allow them to develop a resilient nature. To do so, the club goes above and beyond to provide its members the resources they need.

“The purpose of G! World is to get girls motivated to change the way to do things about their lives or their views on the world,” McCutcheon said. “It also was created to help girls get further in life, so we do college visits and talk about college a lot as well.”

The practical benefits of the club are abundant, varying from learning social skills, practicing discussion, and even looking into a higher education for their futures. However, the best part for many is being able to talk and develop relationships with their co-members.

“It’s a relaxer at the end of the day, we get snacks, and we’re able to talk about things at the end of the day with our friends,” Kara Hodges ’19 said. “My favorite part is being able to talk with everyone.”

G! World is currently looking for more members — and they are accepting of any female.

“Anyone is welcome,” Hodges said. “It helps if you’re looking for friends and you’re not afraid to talk out loud about anything.”


What: G! World.

When: Tuesdays after school.

Where: Room 32.

Who: Females interested in empowering themselves.


Image by Jiung Jung.