Houseparty: the social media we’ve been lacking

Nina Elkadi, Print Editor-in-Chief

Although I just got the app Houseparty yesterday, it has become one of my favorite concepts. Here’s how it works: you add your friends, and they can video chat with you if you’re online. Here’s where it gets complicated: anyone who is friends with someone in your group can pop on in, creating a hubbub of interaction.

For example, I was chatting with my friends from Iowa City when suddenly my friends from Kansas City and Chicago joined. Then, one of my Chicago friends’ friend joined. These unexpected interactions caused us to get to know one another, and yet feel safe because of our common connection. Instead of shallowly sending half-pictures of our faces to each other on Snapchat, we were having a real conversation in real-time! Like a real-life conversation, there is no time to think up the perfect response. It’s almost like practice for the world outside of a screen.

With social media today, your set group is the only thing you see. Sure, you can like Instagram posts and retweet funny things, but the opportunity to have an actual conversation with someone outside of your social circle is rare. Houseparty allows you to branch out and still remain with people you “know.” Think of it as a mega Venn-diagram that never ends.

Like most fads, I’m sure this one will fade. Give it a go though, it’s worth it (and free). Add me on Houseparty.