Choose your own adventure Ch. 1: The house

Submit the form. You decide what you do next.

Mason Wang and Ian Prescott

You wake up. The time is 2:00 A.M. You are in your bed, staring at your bedroom ceiling. You are in your bed. The house is silent. There is no noise coming from outside. This peace is suffocating. You hear the faint sound of something scratching against the wall, somewhere deep within the chambers of your house.

What do you do next?

Go back to sleep

You are too alert to go back to sleep. Instead, you stay still in your bed, sweating. The scratching continues.

What do you do next?

Go see what is causing the scratching sound.

You get up out of bed, which creaks as you rise. You open your bedroom door, and you are staring at the dark upstairs hallway. The scratching is still muffled, and seems to be coming from downstairs.

What do you do next?

Follow the Noise

You continue to follow the noise, and you follow it to your cellar door. 

What do you do next?

Hear your cell phone go off in your pocket

MY cell phone? The narrator HAS no cell phone. Anyway, you fool yourself into thinking you heard your cell phone go off but it actually didn’t.

What do you do next?

You cannot do that right now.

take a shower

You open your bathroom door. The shower is rusted shut. You try to turn the handle, but only dirt comes out of the showerhead. You might as well give up on taking a shower.

What do you do next?