Choir director Jeff Knutson announces new position at Waukee

Jeff Knutson, choir director, will be moving to Waukee in the fall, as Waukee High School’s new choir director.

Grace Yarrow, Copy Editor

On April 13, West High choir director Jeff Knutson announced he would be leaving West in the fall and moving to Waukee, Iowa.

“He’ll be the head choir director at Waukee next year,” co-choir director David Haas said. “He’ll teach choir during the day, including their most elite curricular group during the day. Extracurricularly, he will direct their varsity show choir, their version of ‘GTC.’”

Waukee, Knutson said, has over 1800 students, making his new job in the choir department an especially challenging opportunity. He added that the decision to leave West was a difficult one.

“It’s difficult to go through today, telling everyone that I’m leaving,” Knutson said. “But, I think that this opportunity is one that I can’t pass up. I know that good things will continue to happen … Even without me, this program will continue to do incredible things.”
The replacement process will likely involve the students, Knutson said, as that was the method in hiring him originally. For more questions, talk to the West High administration, Jeff Knutson or David Haas.