2017 Homecoming Court nominees announced

West High seniors have nominated the following for the 2017 Homecoming Court.


Pareen Mhatre

1st row, left to right: Brad DiLeo, Bailey Nock, Damarius Levi, and Connor Greer. 2nd row, left to right: Michael Duffy, Joe Briddle, Brianna Faulkner, and Julia Austin. 3rd row, left to right: Colby Greene, Evan Flitz, Joseph Verry, and Daniel Burgess. 4th row, left to right: Pieper Stence, Heidi Vogts, Brandon Burkhardt, and Khushi Kapoor. 5th row, left to right: Rachel Saunders, RJ Duncan, Ruby Martin, Sasha Tyler, and Annie Chen. Not pictured: Traevis Buchanan, Nathan Dill, and Maliyah Halverson.

Pareen Mhatre, Photo Editor, Online Managing Editor

Most Athletic Guy

  1. Traevis Buchanan
  2. Nathan Dill
  3. Evan Flitz

Most Athletic Girl

  1. Ruby Martin
  2. Bailey Nock
  3. Rachel Saunders

Most Spirited Guy

  1. Michael Duffy
  2. RJ Duncan
  3. Connor Greer

Most Spirited Girl

  1. Bri Faulkner
  2. Colby Greene
  3. Maliyah Halverson

Most Talented Guy

  1. Daniel Burgess
  2. Brandon Burkhardt
  3. Joseph Verry

Most Talented Girl

  1. Annie Chen
  2. Pieper Stence
  3. Sasha Tyler

Homecoming King

  1. Joe Briddle
  2. Brad DiLeo
  3. Damarius Levi

Homecoming Queen

  1. Julia Austin
  2. Khushi Kapoor
  3. Heidi Vogts

All juniors and seniors are eligible to vote here, using your school ID. Winners will be announced at the Homecoming Dance on Sept. 23 at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center.