Tornado Warning sends students to the hallway and gym

Tornado warning interrupts fifth period.


Alyssa Skala

Students sit in the hallways during the tornado warning on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Fatima Kammona, News Editor

At 1:39, principal Gregg Shoultz went on the intercom to announce that there was a tornado warning and instructed students to evacuate classes and go to the lower level hallways and gym. With no further update on the situation students and faculty wait for what’s to come next.

At 1:58 an announcement was made saying that the warning had been canceled. The schedule for the rest of the day has been changed get rid of aft. The cross country meet has also been canceled.

At 2:10 students were dismissed from the fifth period and are to go to their sixth period.

Updated: 2:22 p.m.