“It All Begins Tonight”: West High Show Choirs kick off season with Italian dinner and concert


Above (from left to right): Alex Spragle '12, Lincoln Grow '12, Sam O'Brien '12, Emerson Grow '12, and Josh Fortmann '12 performing "Prayer of the Children."

There are many different kind of seasons: weather seasons, sport seasons, even open seasons. But not much credit goes out to the talented Show Choir teams of West High.

The Goodtime (Varsity) and Showtime (Prep.) Companies began their season with a bang this past Saturday at their annual Italian Dinner and Winter Swing Show. Show choirs perform for their friends their show they have been rehearsing since August.

“(My favorite part of the concerts is) performing for my friends. I like having them watch me because it pushes me to do my best!” said Emily Pitlick ’12, member and choreography captain for Goodtime Company.

The show features Showtime Company is under the direction of Ms. Mary Kay Knapp and choreography by Kevin Chase. Jacob Lundin ’11 is choreography assistant and Amber Erickson ’14 and Alex Grady ’14 are choreography captains. This preparatory show choir performed the following songs to the theme of Walking: One Little Step, Footsteps in the Sand with soloist Lexi Weber, 500 Miles/Walk Like a Man with soloists Ben Nelson and Zane Larson, These Boots Were Made for Walking with soloist Eleni Katz, and Go Your Own Way/Walk This Way with soloists Emilia Szmyrgala and Ben Dellos.

The Goodtime Company is under the directio of Mr. Ryan Person with choreography by Kevin Chase as well. Show choir captains are Justin Gorgone ’12, Emily Pitlick ’12, and Sam O’Brien ’12. This varsity show choir performed the following songs to the theme of night.: Tonight, In The Midnight Hour with soloist Nhan Tran Phan ’12, Endless Night with soloists Josh Fortmann ’12 and Brittany Todd ’11, All Night Long/One Wild Night with soloist Mary Bozaan ’12, and Shadows of the Night/ Promises in the Dark with soloist Mary Hausler ’12.

But it wasn’t just the show choirs who were lighting up the stage with their talent. A select number of talented singers also performed a handful of special acts, both on the stage of the concert and in the cafeteria to entertain the hungry audience members. Special acts during the show ranged from a male trio performing “Jar of Hearts”, “The Wizard and I” from Wicked, and “Don’t You Remember” by Adele. In the cafeteria special acts such as “Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainwright and “Someone Like You” by Adele.