WSS staff recommends Youtubers

Looking for more Youtubers to watch while procrastinating on homework? Here’s some recommendations from the West Side Story staff.

In today’s internet society, videos are king. According to Youtube, there are already roughly 1.9 billion Youtube users spending over a billion hours per day on Youtube in total, and that number keeps increasing. Mobile Youtube video consumption alone is growing by 100% each year, according to Forbes.

Alyssa Skala
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With all these viewers, it makes sense that the community of Youtubers is now filled with thousands of video-makers, each and every one of them striving for those clicks, views and subscriptions that will earn them revenue. So who should you be watching? Here are the Youtubers that the West Side Story staff recommends.

Kara Wagenknecht ‘19, Online Editor-in-Chief

Looking to explore true crime and conspiracy theories? Just ask Kara Wagenknecht ‘19.

While she enjoys spending time on Youtube as much as anyone else, she can’t always do so. “I don’t have that much time to watch Youtube anymore,” she said. “But I do make time for Shane Dawson.” She added, “I like the documentary stuff that he’s been doing, and it acts like a TV show, but it’s a lot better than a TV show. It’s just funny.”

I don’t have that much time to watch Youtube anymore, but I do make time for Shane Dawson.”

— Kara Wagenknecht '19

Ian Prescott ‘19, Broadcast Editor-in-Chief

If you’re looking to sample new music and try out genres you’ve never listened to before, then Ian Prescott ’19 has you covered.

Although he tends to spend most of his time watching science and art-related videos, he also appreciates NPR Music. “I love the Tiny Desk Concerts,” he said. “There are a lot of bands I never would’ve heard of if I hadn’t watched some of those.”

Frances Dai ’19, Art Editor

And if you, as many high-schoolers do, find yourself in need of something calming to unwind after a long day of exams, Frances Dai ‘19 has a few suggestions.

Her Youtube feed contains a lot of dance and beauty videos as well as soothing baking videos. One of her favorite Youtubers is Cooking Tree, a baking and ASMR channel. “Cooking Tree is super relaxing,” she said. “I don’t really listen to it for the ASMR, but more for the really pretty and aesthetically pleasing desserts it shows. It’s super colorful and satisfying.”

While not of all of these Youtubers have large follower counts or lots of views, they hold a special place in staffers’ hearts. So the next time you have 10 minutes to burn, check these Youtubers out! Investigating them is surely a good use of your time.