WSS celebrates the 11th year of their wedding tradition

Started in 2006, this event in which staffers pledge their loyalty to West High’s student newspaper is still going strong.

Luke Reynolds, Copy Editor, Anchor, Reporter

If you stepped into the newsroom on Oct. 5, you might’ve noticed the string of fairy lights hung over the SMART Board or the white cloth bulbs hung up amidst all the Halloween decorations. Maybe you also saw the top hat, the veil made from of a headband and the cluster of fake flowers. Or maybe you heard the class reciting a vow that eerily sounded like one said at a wedding.

Don’t worry, there’s a reason behind all of this. Back in 2006, co-Editors in chief Brian Stewart ’07 and Clara Hogan ’07 started a tradition that has become a yearly celebration in the West Side Story newsroom. Every October, staffers come together to “get married” to the format of WSS they work on: broadcast, web or print. This bond is a sign of dedication. Reporters, videographers, designers, photographers and others on staff all work hard to produce the best possible content they can. We at West Side Story want what we publish to be amazing, and this wedding reinforces how what we do benefits the community here at West. It’s also a lot of fun, and although it isn’t necessarily romantic, Stewart and Hogan got married last year. So who knows?

Want to participate in this tradition next year? Here are some highlights from this year’s wedding and information about how to make your walk down the aisle the best it can be.