West Side Story

  • Girls Tennis meets Western Dubuque High School at home Apr. 20

  • Boys Tennis meet at Western Dubuque High School Apr. 20

West Side Story awards history

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2018-2019 Story Page Excellence
2018-2019 Site Excellence Badge
2018-2019 Excellence in Writing Badge
2018-2019 Multimedia Badge
2018-2019 Audience Engagement Badge
2017-2018 Site Excellence Badge
2017-2018 Story Page Excellence Badge
2017-2018 Excellence in Writing Badge
2017-2018 Multimedia Badge
2017-2018 Audience Engagement Badge
2016-2017 Continuous Coverage Badge
2016-2017 Site Excellence Badge
2016-2017 Story Page Excellence Badge
2016-2017 Excellence in Writing Badge
2016-2017 Multimedia Badge
2016-2017 Audience Engagement Badge

2018-2019 winners: Anna Brown, Alex Carlon, Carmela Cohen Suarez, Will Conrad, Natalie Dunlap, Bess Frerichs, Ting Gao, Anjali Huynh, Fatima Kammona, Edward Keen, Marta Leira, Lily Meng, Jessica Moonjely, Lucy Polyak, Kristina Rosebrook, Maddi Shinall, Sophie Stephens, Kara Wagenknecht, Jenna Wang, Harry Westergaard, Ken Wilbur
2017-2018 Anna Brown AloneA global phenomenon
2017-2018 Natalie Dunlap Cultural proficiency team takes new approach to MLK day celebrations
2017-2018 Sophie Stephens Cultural proficiency team takes new approach to MLK day celebrations
2017-2018 Anjali Huynh Alone & Charged women’s march rallies in downtown Iowa City
2017-2018 Luke Reynolds This is what makes us girls: a “Sour Heart” review
2017-2018 Fatima Kammona 94, Human and A drama goodbye answered years later
2016-2017 Nina Elkadi She was strong, and her braveness was no mystery & The age of Adderall
2016-2017 Michael Moonjely Defining the female Olympian
2016-2017 Isabelle Robles Why I’m FTK
2016-2017 Fenna Semken Story of a Miracle


NEWSPAPER PACEMAKER FINALIST: 2018, 2012, 2011, 2007, 2005

2018 10th Place Website San Francisco Convention
2017 4th Place Newsmagazine Seattle Convention
2016 9th Place Newsmagazine Indianapolis Convention
2016 9th Place Newsmagazine Los Angeles Convention
2015 4th Place Newsmagazine Orlando Convention
2014 9th Place Website Washington, D.C. Convention
2012 5th Place Website San Antonio Convention
2012 6th Place Special Section Seattle Convention
2011 3rd Place Newsmagazine Minneapolis Convention
2007 2nd Place Newsmagazine Denver Convention

2018 Illustration of the Year finalist and 1st place winner Angela Zirbes
2018 Broadcast Journalist of the Year finalist and 3rd place winner Samalya Thenuwara
2018 Multimedia Feature Story of the Year finalist and 3rd place winner Samalya Thenuwara
2018 Desinger of the Year finalist and honorable mention Lydia Guo
2018 Sports Story of the Year finalist and honorable mention Lauren Katz
2017 Multimedia Feature Story of the Year Finalist and 2nd Place Winner Living life with Rett syndrome by Samalya Thenuwara
2017 Multimedia News Story of the Year Finalist and Honorable Mention Students lead anti-hate protest, work to end discrimination by Cameron Cook, Isabelle Robles, Fenna Semken, Caroline Young and Angela Zirbes
2017 News Photo of the Year Finalist and Third Place Winner Alyson Kuennen 
2015 Editorial of the Year Honorable Mention Akash Borde Securing our school
2015 1st Place Multimedia News Story Allie Biscupski, Brittani Langland Ferguson to Iowa City
2015 Multimedia Sports Story finalist Brittani Langland Rising Star: Nelson Brands
2015 1st Place Comic Strip Kelsey Keranen Fun Promposal ideas
2014 2nd Place Multimedia Sports Story of the Year Brittani Langland, Katie Peplow, Jaycie Weather & Megumi Kitamoto Homecoming Recap
2014 2nd Place Illustration of the Year Leela Sathyaputri & Shirley Wang The cover of the September 2013 issue
2014 3rd Place Diversity Story of the Year Megumi Kitamoto, Hilah Kohen Searching for Peace
2014 Honorable Mention Infographic of the YearTyler Voss & Shirley Wang Senior Class 2014: By the Numbers
2013 Honorable Mention Multimedia Story of the Year Paul Curry, Brenna Deerberg, Amelia Moser, Juliann Skarda, Shirley Wang  West High Investigates: Anonymous
2013 Honorable Mention Feature Story of the Year Juliann Skarda Seeking Shelter
2012 3rd Place Design of the Year Shamis McGillin and Anna Egeland Coming Out Cover
2011 3rd Place Design of they Year Elizabeth Lin and Jojo Silverman Bullying Defined Cover


2019 Second place: Anjali Huynh
2018 Second place: Nina Elkadi
2017 First place Iowa’s Journalist of the Year: Isabelle Robles
2017 National Journalist of the Year runner-up (1 of 6): Isabelle Robles

2017 Superior Newsmagazine Layout Wingel Xue, Seattle
2016 Superior Feature Writing Junhee Lee, Indianapolis
2016 Superior Graphic Design: Photo Illustration Leah Dusterhoft, Indianapolis
2016 Superior Online News Package: Pareen Mhatre, Isabelle Robles and Grace Yarrow, Indianapolis
2016 Excellent Editorial Writing Eleanor Ho, Indianapolis
2016 Excellent Graphic Design: Infographics Simran Sarin, Indianapolis
2016 Honorable Mention Review Writing Mary Vander Weg, Indianapolis
2016 Honorable Mention Commentary Writing Anjali Huynh, Indianapolis
2016 Honorable Mention News Editing & Headline Writing Christina Dai, Indianapolis
2014 Excellent Newsmagazine: Layout Jaycie Weathers, Washington, D.C.
2013 Excellent Graphic Design: Infographics Lydia Hinman, Boston
2013 Honorable Mention News Editing/Headline Writing Amelia Moser, Boston
2013 Superior Newsmagazine: Layout Hannah Muellerleile, San Francisco
2013 Honorable Mention Feature Writing Juliann Skarda, San Francisco
2012 Superior Feature Writing Brenna Deerberg, San Antonio
2012 Honorable Mention Newswriting Juliann Skarda, San Antonio
2012 Superior Newswriting Eleanor Marshall, Seattle
2012 Honorable Mention Feature Writing Juliann Skarda, Seattle
2012 Honorable Mention Review Writing Quentin Misiag, Seattle
2012 Honorable Mention Videography Grant Leonard, Seattle
2011 Honorable Mention Newswriting Caroline Van Voorhis, Minneapolis
2011 Honorable Mention Editorial Writing Ashton Duncan, Minneapolis
2011 Honorable Mention Commentary Writing Leah Murray, Minneapolis
2010 Superior Review Writing Madhu Srikantha, Kansas City
2010 Honorable Mention Sports Writing Dan Rothman, Kansas City
2007 Excellent Review Writing Brian Stewart, Denver
2005 Honorable Mention Newsmagazine: Layout Ashton Shurson, Seattle


INTERNATIONAL GALLUP AWARDS: 2016, 2015, 2013, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 1996, 1995, 1987, 1980, 1979, 1978, 1977, 1975, 1974



2019 Kara Wagenknecht: First Place Sports Reaction Photography West basketball teams battle City
2019 Fatima Kammona: Third Place Feature Writing From invincible to helpless
2018 Fatima Kammona: News Writing 94
2018 Natalie Katz: Health, Science and Agricultural Writing Got goats?
2018 Alyson Kuennen: Photo Illustration Vape Nation
2017 Wingel Xue: Advertisement Oyama Sushi
2016 Eugenia Chen: Advertisement Hot House Yoga
2015 Eugenia Chen: Advertisement Celebrate Prom with a Cupcake
2011 Elizabeth Lin: Advertisement Works in Progress


2019 Anjali Huynh Honorable Mention in In-Depth Reporting: Individual for “Hidden among us.”
2019 Anjali Huynh and Will Conrad Honorable Mention in In-Depth Reporting: Team for “A spectrum of perspectives.”
2019 Anjali Huynh, Lucy Polyak and Ian Prescott Honorable Mention in Editorial Writing for “Legalizing Hate.”
2019 Sophie Stephens Honorable Mention in Sports Writing for “Silent tradition.”
2019 Jessica Moonjely Honorable Mention in Political Opinion for “Midterms matter.
2019 Natalie Dunlap Honorable Mention in Health, Science and Agriculture for “Unlikely exercise companions.”
2019 Jessica Doyle and Harry Westergaard Honorable Mention in Audio Podcast: Single Episode for “West Side Radio: The Me Too movement’s impact on the U.S. Humanities curriculum.”
2018 Samalya Thunuwara: Blog earsl.org
2018 Ethan Goers and Nick Pryor: Multimedia Storytelling A Discussion: Gun Ownership in Iowa
2018 Wingel Xue: Advertisement Taj International
2018 Grace Christopher, Ellie Gretter and Kara Wagenknecht: Multimedia Storytelling (Features) Road to State: a multimedia experience
2018 Allie Schmitt-Morris: News Feature Photography Rally against Muslim ban draws over 1500
2018 Catherine Ju: Photo Illustration 4 days to state
2018 Kara Wagenknecht: Sports Photography Trojans fall to Dowling in state championship
2018 Nina Elkadi: Opinion Columns Try to monitor my closed Chromebook
2018 Luke Reynolds: Opinion Column Not that kind of boy
2018 Natalie Dunlap: Profile Writing Prioritizing your passion
2018 Jessica Moonjely: Profile Writing A brotherly bond
2017 Leah Dusterhoft: Opinion Column The D1 expectation
2017 Eleanor Ho: Editorial Writing Comm(unity) against hate
2017 Simran Sarin: 1st place in the blog Simply Gestalt
2017 Allie Schmitt-Morris: Photo Slideshow D.C. Photos
2017 Samalya Thenuwara: Multimedia Storytelling Living life with Rett Syndrome
2016 Aaron Carter: Sports Writing Making the cut
2016 Nina Elkadi: Feature Writing Constant connection
2016 Leah Dusterhoft, Nina Elkadi, Louis Ho, Sarah Longmire and Michael Moonjely: Multimedia Feature Trump rally attracts supporters and protesters
2016 Junhee Lee: Profile Sophia Chen
2016 Kelsey Keranen, Michael Moonjely, Shawn Thacker and Sharon Xiang: In-depth Team Reporting What next?
2016 Consuelo Mendoza: Editorial Writing Gender-neutral bathroom
2016 Simran Sarin: Cover Design What next?
2015 Braedyn Dochterman Editorial Cartoon
2015 Akash Borde Editorial Writing Securing our school
2015 Jiung Jung Feature Writing Four peas in a pod
2015 Isabelle Robles Blogging A Penne For Your Thoughts
2014 Kelsey Keranen Opinion Columns Other
2014 Apoorva Raikwar Multimedia No Shave November
2014 Paul Curry Opinion Columns A visit from Reagan
2014 Leela Sathyaputri Photo Illustration Cover: Counting candles
2014 Jaeho Lee Photo Slideshow Fencing
2014 Jaeho Lee Photo Illustration Cover: You are being watched
2014 Megumi Kitamoto Editorial Trial and Error
2013 Olive Carrollhach Infographic The End of the World
2013 Paul Curry Column A visit from Reagan
2013 Aileen Norris Advertisement Bluebird Café
2013 Leela Sathyaputri Editorial Cartoon West Side Effects
2013 Pombie Silverman Sports Story Born to Run
2013 Frank Weirich Photo Illustration Cover of Gun Issue
2011 Garrett Anstreicher Column Megafreak of Nature
2011 Emily Kreiter Feature Story Beyond Functional
2011 Elizabeth Lin Advertisement Works in Progress
2011 Alissa Rothman Feature Story Freshman Recovering from Recent Spinal Stroke
2007 Gordon Bourjaily Editorial How the Grinch Stole Snack Time
2007 Gordon Bourjaily Column Facing the School Day with OCD
2007 Brian Stewart Advertisement Make-A-Wish Benefit Dinner
2005 Kat Rokhlin Column Oligopoly in standardized testing must be broken


All-Iowa News Team of the Year Winner: 2018, 2017
All-Iowa News Team Finalist: 2017, 2018

NEWS TEAM OF THE YEAR (replaced by All-Iowa News Team award):
2nd Place 2016
3rd Place 2015

WRITING SWEEPSTAKES (replaced by All-Iowa News Team award):
1st Place 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008
2nd Place 2014, 2013, 2007

GRAPHICS SWEEPSTAKES (replaced by All-Iowa News Team award):
1st Place 2013
2nd Place 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010
3rd Place 2009, 2007

WEBSITE SWEEPSTAKES (replaced by All-Iowa News Team award):
2nd Place Web Design 2015
1st Place Social Media 2014
2nd Place Social Media 2013
2nd Place Web Design 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY SWEEPSTAKES (replaced by All-Iowa News Team award):
2nd Place 2014
Honorable Mention 2011

Dr. Gregg Shoultz 2016
Dr. Jerry Arganbright 2007

Sara (Schlesinger) Whittaker 2007

2017 1st Place Photography Anjali Huynh
2017 3rd Place Photography Teya Kerns
2017 2nd Place News Writing Prateek Raikwar
2016 1st Place Photography Sarah Longmire
2016 3rd Place Photography Nick Pryor
2016 Honorable Mention News Writing Prateek Raikwar
2015 2nd place News Writing Shawn Thacker
2015 3rd place News Writing Prateek Raikwar
2014 1st Place News Writing Isabelle Robles
2014 2nd Place News Writing Lushia Anson
2014 2nd Place Photography Eugenia Chen
2013 1st Place News Writing Amelia Moser
2013 2nd Place Opinion Writing Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik
2013 2nd Place News Writing Lauren Knudson
2013 Honorable Mention Sports Writing Brittani Langland
2006 1st Place Opinion Writing Gordon Bourjaily

2018 Lydia Guo
2016 Simran Sarin
2015 Jaycie Weathers

2018 Kara Wagenknecht

2018 Samalya Thenuwara

2018 Alyson Kuennen and Samalya Thenuwara
2017 Michael Moonjely and Taylor Shelfo
2016 Aaron Carter
2015 Jaycie Weathers

2018 Anjali Huynh, Deniz Ince, Kara Wagenknecht and Jenna Wang
2017 Lauren Katz and Samalya Thenuwara
2016 Nina Elkadi, Catherine Ju and Simran Sarin
2015 Allie Biscupski, Michael Moonjely and Isabelle Robles
2014 Madie Miller

2018 1st place In-Depth News: “Alone” by Anna Brown ‘19 and Anjali Huynh ‘19
2018 1st place News Story: “94” by Fatima Kammona ‘19
2018 1st place Editorial Cartoon/Comic Strip: “American irony” by Vivien Ho ‘21
2018 1st place Multimedia Feature Story: “An artist’s journey” by Samalya Thenuwara ‘18
2018 1st place Sports Story: “Concussed” by Ellie Gretter ‘18 and Deniz Ince ‘19
2018 1st place Multimedia News story: “First ever Girl Up fundraiser raises over $3,650” by Alyson Kuennen ‘18 and Samalya Thenuwara ‘18
2018 1st place Illustration or Art: “Missed connections” by Frances Dai ‘19
2018 1st place Multimedia Sports Story: “Road to state: a multimedia experience” by Grace Christopher ‘19, Ellie Gretter ‘18 and Kara Wagenknecht ‘19
2018 1st place Photo Story: “The Green Room opens its doors” by Alyson Kuennen ‘18
2018 1st place Podcasting: “The Kpop Corner” by Eman Elsheikh ‘18 and Hae-joo Yoon ‘18
2018 1st place Column: “The lost art” by Junhee Lee ‘18
2018 2nd place In-Depth News: “50 years at West” by Junhee Lee ‘18 and Jenna Wang ‘20
2018 2nd place Personality Profile: “A brotherly bond” by Jessica Moonjely ‘20
2018 2nd place Video Story: “A discussion: Gun ownership in Iowa” by Ethan Goers ‘18 and Nick Pryor ‘18
2018 2nd place News Photo: “Diversity dinner” by Teya Kerns ‘20
2018 2nd place Infographic: “Lunar New Year” by Lydia Guo ‘19
2018 2nd place Feature Story: “On the line” by Prateek Raikwar ‘18 and Shawn Thacker ‘18
2018 2nd place Newsmagazine Multiple Page Design: “The countdown begins” by Crystal Kim ‘19
2018 2nd place Feature Photo: “Uprooted: Mercy and Linda” by Alyson Kuennen ‘18
2018 2nd place Multimedia Sports Story: “West brings home the boot” by Eman Elsheikh ‘18, George Liu ‘19, Fenna Semken ‘18
2018 2nd place Podcasting: “West Side Radio: Spilling the tea” by Jessica Doyle ‘19 and Natalie Dunlap ‘20
2018 2nd place Social Media accounts: West Side Story staff
Photo Story: “Woody Harrelson presents groundbreaking film to Iowa City” by Alyson Kuennen ‘18
2018 2nd place Web Design for wsspaper.com: West Side Story staff
2018 3rd place Multimedia News Story: “24 units to change 24 lives” by Natalie Dunlap ‘20 and Mary Vander Weg ‘19
2018 3rd place Staff Editorial: “A tradition of silence” by Junhee Lee ‘18 and Wingel Xue ‘18
2018 3rd place Sports Photo: “Boys swim team hosts state meet” by Kara Wagenknecht ‘19
2018 3rd place Personality Profile: “Coming full circle” by Nina Elkadi ‘18
Feature Story: “Effectiveness of sexual assault prevention education questioned” by Fenna Semken ‘18
2018 3rd place News Story: “Got goats?” by Natalie Katz ‘20
2018 3rd place Feature Photo: “Vape nation” by Alyson Kuennen ‘18
2018 3rd place Infographic: “One year later” by Thomas Duong ‘19
2018 3rd place Multimedia Feature Story: “Prioritizing Your Passion” by Natalie Dunlap ‘20
2018 3rd place Multimedia Sports Story: “Student groups highlight basketball halftime” by Ethan Goers ‘18 and Kara Wagenknecht ‘19
2018 3rd place Video Story: “West High celebrates 50 years of excellence” by Samalya Thenuwara ‘18
2018 3rd place Photo Story: “Women of Troy to face crosstown rivals in state championship” by Kara Wagenknecht
2018 Honorable Mention Video Story: “An artist’s journey” by Samalya Thenuwara
2018 Honorable Mention Multimedia News Story: “Charged Women’s March rallies in downtown Iowa City” by Anjali Huynh ‘19
2018 Honorable Mention Multimedia Feature Story: “Test anxiety” by Jessica Doyle ‘19 and Sophie Stephens ‘19
2018 Honorable Mention Newsmagazine One Page Design: “The age of adderall cover” by Catherine Ju ‘18, Pareen Mhatre ‘18 and Angela Zirbes ‘18
2018 Honorable Mention In-Depth News: “The AP obstacle” by Emma Brustkern ‘18 and Lauren Katz ‘18
2018 Honorable Mention Multimedia Sports Story: “Trojans advance to the semi final round” by Grace Christopher ‘19, Ellie Gretter ‘18 and Kara Wagenknecht ‘19
2018 Honorable Mention Feature Story: “Uprooted” by Anjali Huynh ‘19, Jessica Moonjely ‘19, Prateek Raikwar ‘18 and Shawn Thacker ‘18
2017 1st place Column: “A Modest Disposal” by Prateek Raikwar ’18.
2017 1st place Illustration or Art: “Waste” by Simran Sarin ’17.
2017 1st place In-depth News: “Officials On The Way Out” by Deniz Ince ’19 and Gabby Skopec ’17.
2017 1st place Infographic: “Fall Sports Update” by Leah Dusterhoft ’17.
2017 1st place Multimedia News Story: “Forever with “Flash” by Isabelle Robles ’17 and Fenna Semken ’18.
2017 1st place Multimedia Sports Story: “Ready for the next step: an interactive timeline” by Isabelle Robles ’17.
2017 1st place Personality Profile: “She Was Strong and Her Braveness Was No Mystery” by Nina Elkadi ’18.
2017 1st place Photo Story: “40 students leave class for sit-in protest” by Alyson Kuennen ’18.
2017 1st place Podcasting: “WSSPodcast Episode 1: Anne Schularick” by Prateek Raikwar ’18.
2017 1st place Sports Photo: “High Jump” by Sarah Longmire
2017 1st place Sports Story:  “Officials On The Way Out” by Deniz Ince ’19 and Gabby Skopec ’17.
2017 1st place Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitter (sports) and wsspaper on Snapchat
2017 2nd place Column: “Grab ‘Em By The Safety Pin” by Wingel Xue
2017 2nd place Infographic: “Chacos vs. Birks” by Leah Dusterhoft
2017 2nd place Multimedia Feature Story: “Living life with Rett Syndrome” by Samalya Thenuwara
2017 2nd place Multimedia Sports Story: “West cruises past Burlington” by Sarah Longmire and Isabelle Robles
2017 2nd place Personality Profile: “30 Minutes of Innocence and a Lifetime of Guilt” by Prateek Raikwar
2017 2nd place Photo Story: “Ride Along with an Officer” by Alyson Kuennen
2017 2nd place Sports Photo: “Rachael fights for the ball” by Sarah Longmire
2017 3rd place Feature Photo: “Ride Along” by Alyson Kuennen 
2017 3rd place Feature Story: “A Look Back” by Nina Elkadi
2017 3rd place Multimedia Feature Story: “The story of a miracle” by Fenna Semken
2017 3rd place Multimedia Sports Story: “‘You’re on your own on this one:’ the story of a female wrestler” by Jessica Doyle ’19 and Deniz Ince ’19.
2017 3rd place Newsmagazine Multiple Page Design: “Oyakodon” by Catherine Ju ’18.
2017 3rd place Newsmagazine One Page Design: “She Was Strong and Her Braveness Was No Mystery” by Catherine Ju ’18.
2017 3rd place News Photo: “Personalities of the Women’s March” by Allie Schmitt-Morriss ’19.
2017 3rd place Photo Story: “Open House at the Children’s Hospital” by Sarah Longmire ’17.
2017 3rd place Sports Story: “Success & Siblings” by Ellie Gretter ’18 and Denize Ince ’19.
2017 3rd place Staff Editorial: “The Melting Melting Pot” by Simran Sarin ’17.
2017 Honorable Mention Editorial cartoon or comic strip: “How To Be A WSS Staffer” by Braedyn Dochterman ’17.
2017 Honorable Mention Feature story: “Waste” by Will Conrad ’19 and Junhee Lee ’18.
2017 Honorable Mention Illustration or art: “Best of IC” by Angie Zirbes ’18.
2017 Honorable Mention Multimedia feature story: “Defining the female Olympian” by Leah Dusterhoft ’17 and Michael Moonjely ’17.
2017 Honorable Mention Multimedia news story: “Students lead anti-hate protest, work to end discrimination” by Cameron Cook ’17, Isabelle Robles ’17, Fenna Semken ’18, Caroline Young ’19, Angie Zirbes ’18.
2017 Honorable Mention Multimedia sports story: “Students sign National Letters of Intent” by Gabby Skopec ’17.
2017 Honorable Mention Newsmagazine multiple page design: “Waste” by Simran Sarin ’17.
2017 Honorable Mention Newsmagazine one page design: “Living La Vida Cocoa” by Crystal Kim ’19.
2017 Honorable Mention News photo: “West Students at Rally” by Caroline Young ’19.
2017 Honorable Mention Personality profile: “On-the-spot success: Julie Watkins ’17” by Mary Vander Weg ’19.
2017 Honorable Mention Sports photo: “West basketball state tournament” by Sarah Longmire ’17.
2016 1st place Editorial cartoon Braedyn Dochterman Charlie Hebdo
2016 1st place Feature story Junee Lee and Prateek Raikway Breaking the binary
2016 1st place Infographic Wingel Xue Dance marathon
2016 1st place Multimedia news story Christina Dai, Nina Elkadi, Ellie Gretter & Fenna Semken Crisis reveals character
2016 1st place News photo Sarah Longmire Students dance FTK
2016 1st place Design (multiple page) Simran Sarin What Next?
2016 1st place Photo story Sarah Longmire Bernie Sanders
2016 1st place Staff editorial Cameron Cook Dear Students
2016 2nd place Column Junhee Lee Walk the border
2016 2nd place Illustration Braedyn Dochterman Dr. Jerry Arganbright
2016 2nd place Multimedia news story Allie Biscupski Clinton draws young voters at Coralville event
2016 2nd place Design (One-page) Leah Dusterhoft Fading faith
2016 2nd place News photo Sarah Longmire Students attend Bernie rally
2016 2nd place News story Nina Elkadi Hiding behind the screen
2016 2nd place Staff editorial Eleanor Ho A new angle for security
2016 2nd place Video story Cameron Cook & Nina Elkadi Iowa Caucuses
2016 2nd place Social Media WSS Staff & Barbara Badonovic
2016 2nd place Website Design WSS staff and Web Managing Editor Allie Biscupski & Web Programmers Schyler Davis, Jacob Nishimura & David Wu
2016 3rd place In-depth news story Nina Elkadi Safe and sound
2016 3rd place Infographic Maddie Moriyama Iowa and the election
2016 3rd place News story Christina Dai & Nina Elkadi Crisis reveals character
2016 3rd place Multimedia news story Nina Elkadi and Isabelle Robles Bernie rally features celebrities and musical guests
2016 3rd place Sports story Aaron Carter Making the cut
2016 Honorable Mention Multimedia feature story Junhee Lee and Prateek Raikwar Breaking the binary
2016 Honorable Mention Multimedia sports story Leah Dusterhoft State wrestling one-stop shop
2016 Honorable Mention Design (one page) Simran Sarin Missed connections
2016 Honorable Mention Design (multiple pages) Ryo Ohashi Think before you speak
2016 Honorable Mention Sports photo Sarah Longmire Powderpuff
2015 1st place In-depth news Eleanor Ho, Megumi Kitamoto
& Michael Moonjely A sense of security
2015 1st place News story Akash Borde & Shanthi
Chackalackal A deficiency in proficiency
2015 1st place Photo story Paige Brazina Coming together
2015 2nd place Illustration or art Braedyn Dochterman Horizontal
2015 2nd place Photo story Madie Miller & Chanel Vidal My favorite place in Iowa City
2015 2nd place Sports story Aaron Carter & Leola Eko Join the club (you might have to)
2015 2nd place Video story Eugenia Chen, Cameron Cook
& Gabby Skopec West High devours: homemade vs. storebought
2015 3rd place Newsmagazine cover Madie Miller A deficiency in proficiency
2015 3rd place Two page design Katie Peplow No excuses
2015 3rd place Video story Layla Hannaford West Side Story quizzes teachers on teen lingo
2015 4th place Digital media story Nick Deerberg, Brittani Langland & Avery Smith 13 movies to watch on Friday the 13th
2015 4th place Feature story Lushia Anson & Madie Miller Hashtag activism
2015 4th place In-depth news Danetta Dobre & Isabelle Robles No excuses
2015 5th place Digital media story Brittani Langland & Mary Mondanaro Rising star: Nelson Brands
2015 5th place Feature story Kelsey Keranen The threat on campus
2015 5th place Video story Barbara Badivonac & Allie Biscupski West High Weekly
2015 Honorable mention Digital media story Allie Biscupski & Brittani
& In-depth news story Langland Ferguson to Iowa City
2015 Honorable mention Infographic Jaycie Weathers A deficiency in proficiency
2015 Honorable mention Staff editorial Jaycie Weathers Wake me up when September begins
2014 1st place In-depth news Megumi Kitamoto & Hilah Kohen Searching for Peace
2014 1st place News Story Kelsey Keranen & Rebecca Wen Evaluating Equality
2014 1st place Photo Story Madie Miller Running a mile for Line
2014 1st place Feature Story Lushia Anson & Stephon Berry The meaning of millennial
2014 1st place Newsmagazine Cover Jaeho Lee Evaluating equality
2014 1st place Digital Media Story Hilah Kohen Personal column: scenes from Israeli-American Life
2014 2nd place Newsmagazine Cover Jaeho Lee You are being watched
2014 2nd place Sports Photo Gage Van Dyke Concussions
2014 2nd place Photo Story Grace Young Duck, duck … chicken?
2014 2nd place Two-page Design Brittani Langland The damage is still there
2014 2nd place Sports Story Madie Miller & Matt Murry The damage is still there
2014 2nd place Digital Media Story Stephon Berry Black history month
& Brittani Langland
2014 2nd place Photo Slideshow Lydia Hinman IC West vs. Hempstead
2014 2nd place Video Story – Feature Layla Hannaford 1 in 2000: Meldia Sharpe
2014 2nd place Video Story – Sports Brittani Langland Battle of the Boot: 2013
2014 3rd place Staff Editorial Jaycie Weathers Locker blocker
2014 3rd place Two-page Design Shirley Wang You are being watched
2014 3rd place Art or Illustration Kelsey Keranen Constant Connection
2014 3rd place Column Stephon Berry Struggle bus
2014 3rd place Photo Slideshow Brittani Langland The West High Galapagos and Amazon 2013 expedition
2014 3rd place Digital Media Story Lucy Blair, Lydia Hinman, No shave November
Brittani Langland, Lizzie Pruneau, Blake Oetting, Apoorva Raikwar & Shirley Wang
2014 3rd place Video Story – Feature Lushia Anson, Music Playathon
Megumi Kitamoto, Jaeho Lee& Anthony Pizzimenti
2014 Honorable Mention Feature Photo Paige Brazina Showtime
2014 Honorable Mention One-page Design Katie Peplow Women of the world
2014 Honorable Mention Art or Illustration Leela Sathyaputri & Shirley Wang Losing our allegiance
2014 Honorable Mention Video Story – Sports Brittani Langland Boys Basketball
2013 1st place Infographics Ashton Duncan Revenue Purpose Statement Visual Presentation
2013 1st place Newsmagazine Cover Leela Sathyaputri The New Normal
2013 1st place Illustration Leela Sathyaputri Caught in the Web
2013 1st place Sports Story Pombie Silverman Born to Run
2013 1st place Digital Media Story Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik, Arts and entertainment
Meredith Cullen, for your spring break
Hannah Muellerleile, Julia Shriver and Jaycie Weathers
2013 1st place Video Story Valerie Hsieh India Association of Iowa City Harvest Festival
2013 2nd place Local Column Ashton Duncan Trash
2013 2nd place Infographics Kaitlyn McCurdy Fast Facts graphic
2013 2nd place News Story Amelia Moser Election Connection
2013 2nd place Digital Media Story Audrey Hopewell, The art of self-expression
Kelsey Keranen and Julia Truszkowski
2013 3rd place News Story Juliann Skarda Distributing Diversity
2013 Honorable Mention Editorial Cartoon Leela Sathyaputri Jailbook Blues
2013 Honorable Mention Sports Photo Hannah Muellerleile In high spirits
2013 Honorable Mention Feature Photo Abbie Skemp Shades of Devotion
2013 Honorable Mention Video Story Jaeho Lee Jeff Conner
2009 1st Place Column Kerri Sorrell One Year Later
2009 1st Place Graphics Daria Kieffer
2009 1st Place Personality Profile Claire Perlman Making Sense Through Paper: Veteran and West High Grad Strives for Peace
2009 1st Place Editorial Thomas Ewing 18 Year Old Drinking Age
Goes Down Smooth, West
Side Story Wakes Up Grouchy
2009 3rd Place News Story Jenna Broghamer, Clouds of Controversy
Jaime Rosenthal and Saranya Subramanian
2009 3rd Place News Story Jenna Broghamer To Change or Not to Change?  West High Debates Whether to Change the Women Mascot to ‘Trojans’ as Well
2009 Honorable Mention Feature Story Claire Perlman Teenage Depression
2008 1st Place Feature Story Audrey Keranen Raising the bar for entry to bars?
2008 1st Place In-depth Story Audrey Keranen Teenage pregnancy cover story
2008 2nd Place News Story Abi Marshall Tate Misconstrued
2008 2nd Place Personality Profile Jayne Berglund Profile on Addie Hugen
2008 3rd Place News Story Katie Hanson A Tribute to Jill Moore
2007 1st Place Layout and Design Audrey Keranen
2007 1st Place News Story Clara Hogan
2007 1st Place Personality Profile Clara Hogan
2007 1st Place Graphics Brian Stewart
2007 2nd Place Column Katie Ryken
2007 Honorable Mention Photography Jessica Cullen
2007 Honorable Mention Photography Swarnima Chaudhary
2007 Honorable Mention Feature Story Katie Hanson


2018 Alyson Kuennen
2017 Simran Sarin
2016 Aaron Carter
2015 Jaycie Weathers
2014 Amelia Moser
2013 Ashton Duncan
2012 Anna Egeland
2011 Anna Hippee
2009 Claire Perlman
2008 Lily Kim
2007 Gordon Bourjaily
2006 Ashton Shurson
2004 Nick Petersen

2018 Anjali Huynh
2016 Isabelle Robles
2014 Lushia Anson
2012 Ashton Duncan
2011 Eleanor Marshall
2006 Gordon Bourjaily

2007 Brian Stewart
2004 Nick Petersen
2003 Seung Min Kim

GOLD MEDALIST: 2006, 2003

2018-19 Broadcast: Ian Prescott; Online: Kara Wagenknecht; Print: Deniz Ince
2017-18 Broadcast: Samalya Thenuwara; Online: Fenna Semken; Print: Nina Elkadi
2016-17 Digital: Isabelle Robles & Print: Simran Sarin
2015-16 Kelsey Keranen & Sharon Xiang
2014-15 Brittani Langland
2013-14 Amelia Moser
2012-13 Juliann Skarda
2011-12 Eleanor Marshall
2010-11 Lilli Oetting
2009-10 Jenna Broghamer
2008-9 Kerri Sorrell
2007-8 Jayne Berglund
2006-7 Clara Hogan & Brian Stewart
2005-6 Ashton Shurson
2004-5 Danny Valentine
2003-4 Nick Petersen
2002-3 Nick Petersen

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