Darwin Day: discoveries and diseases

Iowa City Darwin Day commemorated Charles Darwin’s birthday with educational lectures on Feb. 22 and Feb. 23.


Iowa City Darwin Day is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2007. This year, Darwin Day had talks by biological anthropologist Sharon DeWitte, paleo-epidemiologist Ana Duggan, Director of the Center for Insect Science at the University of Arizona Nicholas Strausfeld and Associate Professor at the University of Iowa State Jeanne Serb.

The talks on Friday, Feb. 22 were in Kollros Auditorium in Biology Building East. Those on Saturday, Feb. 23 were in Macbride Hall at the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History. Speakers lectured about a range of topics from ancient DNA to the common ancestry between beetles and humans. A lot of West High students learned about Darwin Day from their science teachers, many of whom offered extra credit for attending.