Beginning Green and Gold Academy

A big change has affected some AFT classes this year, it is known as the Green and Gold Academy in which students can win prizes for participating in solo and group challenges.


Caroline Barker

Garret Hartwig, English teacher and football coach, started the Green and Gold Academy, a new program this year.

Luke Krchak, Reporter

This year some teachers took the initiative to have their Academic Focus Time (AFT) classes participate in the Green and Gold Academy.

The Green and Gold Academy is a project led by AFT teachers to get students to participate in the school community. Currently, there are nine teachers who are leading academics in their AFT classes and they are hoping more teachers will join them. 

For the classes participating, AFT runs like normal for the most part, but once a month they have assemblies to determine the winner of challenges that were being held for the past month. The classes are currently participating in an attendance challenge, to see which class will have the best AFT attendance and the class with the best attendance will receive $100 that will be split among the students in the class.

The original idea for the Green and Gold Academy was from language arts teacher Garret Hartwig. Hartwig was using the challenges for his football team to bring the football players together before he introduced it to some of the teachers to add it to their AFTs.

Abbie Weipert, one of the teachers leading an academy does not feel that she or her students have adjusted to the new AFT.

“You could ask any student in my AFT and they wouldn’t know what to say about it,” Mrs. Weipert.

The Green and Gold Academy being new this year has to lead to some confusion with both students and teachers still wondering what the project is about.