Iowa Youth Straw Poll results

WSS recaps data from the 2019 Iowa Youth Straw Poll held late October.

Wylan Gao, Reporter

On October 29th, 2019, the results of the Iowa Youth Straw Poll were announced. Conducted by the Iowa Secretary of State, Paul D. Pate at 300 schools in Iowa, including Iowa City West High, each of the high school’s student body voted in a poll for the presidential and congressional races of 2020.

Historically a swing state and the first in line to Caucus, the results reveal the next generation of Iowa voters political spectrum for the 2020 Election.

Presidential Race

Of the Republican Candidates, Donald J. Trump is the winner in the Iowa Youth Straw Poll with 37.9% of the students favoring the reelect. However, the West High student body favored Democratic Massachusett Senator, Elizabeth Warren.



Senate Race

For the Senate seat, Iowans and Trojans alike favored the Republican incumbent Joni Ernst. The Straw Poll reveals that more than 50% of the vote was for the Senator from Red Oak, Iowa. 



U.S. Representative Race

Dave Loebsack plans to retire his 2nd congressional seat, and according to the Iowa Youth Straw Poll the Republican Bobby Schilling takes the lead; the data only sampled all of Iowa and does not take account of the 2nd district itself. On the other hand, West High Students favor the Democrat Rita Hart.



From the Iowa Youth Straw Poll, it is clear that for the 2020 elections, Iowa will stay a battleground state.