Best Buddies and PALS hold third annual basketball game against faculty

The Best Buddies and PALS defeated the West High faculty 33-29 in front of a packed crowd in the West High gymnasium on Nov. 7.

Joe Goodman, Sports Editor

The Best Buddies and PALS lead the West High faculty wire-to-wire en route to a 33-29 victory on Nov. 7 in the West High gymnasium.

This was the third year of the school-wide event that featured a lively student section and performances from the West High band.

Every one of the Best Buddies was able to get in on the scoring action with the addition of the catapult shooting device, which enabled Zenab Bashir ‘21, Aiden Babka ‘23 and Pammie Quintero-Rodriguez ‘23 to sink shots in front of their peers.

“This game means everything for the Best Buddies and PALS,” PALS member Will Hoeft ‘20 said. “They get one game a year and we’re really glad to support them.”