Rising stars: Emma Ingersoll-Weng ’22 & Avery Vest ’22

Both returning members of the varsity girls basketball squad, Emma Ingersoll-Weng ’22 and Avery Vest ’22 share their experiences with injury, the strong team dynamic and their goals for the upcoming season.

West Side Story: Who first got you into basketball?

Emma Ingersoll-Weng:  I’d say my older brother with Down Syndrome did. I started at the age of three at one of his basketball games. I just took a basketball on the court and started dribbling and I fell in love with the game ever since. 

WSS: What is something that you are looking forward to as a returning member of the varsity team?

EIW:  The team dynamic and the energy. We’re a really good team and it’s just a really great program. I think what makes our team dynamic special is all the bonding activities we do that forces us to get to know each other and become more of a family. We each push each other to do better outside and inside of school.

WSS: What are some goals you have for the team, you know, either individually as a whole? 

EIW: I’d say trying our hardest and playing the West High basketball program way instead of not being a team like last year. We weren’t playing as a whole team. My individual goal for this season is to continue getting college letters and possibly being able to play in at least one game towards the end of the season.

 WSS: What was it like to have such a tough injury and how did you get injured? 

EIW: It was during my club season during the first game of the tournament. It was on a regular plant, and my ligaments collapsed then it popped. I was out for the rest of the game. Then I got surgery. It was hard because this was like just immediately and then school season started in like three months.

WSS: Do you play on a club team and how does that improve your skills for the school season?

Avery Vest: During the summer I normally play on an Amateur Athletic Union team (AAU.) It just helps so that you don’t lose your skills. Playing AAU allows you to meet and compete with players at a higher level.

WSS: What are some goals that you have for this season either individually or as a team?

AV: I would really like to help the freshmen and be an important part of the team. My goal this year for the team is obviously to get as far as we can, but also to work together and play hard the whole year.

WSS: So far, what has been your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?

AV: Making varsity as a freshman is kind of impressive. I was really excited to make varsity because its a goal that many other players have and I have.

WSS: What was it like to have such a tough injury and how did it happen?

AV: It happened in a game on a layup, I drove into a bunch of people and it just landed wrong. [The recovery process] it’s been eight or nine months so it’s a really long process. The surgeries hurt but it’s gone by faster than I thought it would.