Collegeboard releases updated AP testing guidelines

The new guidelines will accommodate students who have lost class time due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Alex Carlon, Online Editor-in-Chief

Collegeboard released new guidelines for how it will administer Advanced Placement exams amid the COVID-19 pandemic early March 20. Given that a majority of U.S. students are missing school due to state and federal recommendations, the board has decided to make AP tests exclusively online. 

According to a brief on Collegeboard’s website, the organization is investing in the development of 45-minute online exams that can be taken on both a computer and smart devices. In order to make this system equitable, Collegeboard is also committing to providing mobile tools to school districts where these are scarce. 

Additionally, the organization is accounting for the loss of class time resulting from COVID-19 by shortening the amount of material that is covered on each AP exam. Most tests have cut out one to two units of class material. Specific units being covered on each AP test can be found here.

Collegeboard will also provide free AP review courses  held live on their website covering both the material that will be covered on the test and the material that students may have missed due to class cancellations.

This story is still developing.