2020 World Affairs Seminar switches to online format

This interactive program for high school students has made adjustments to their annual summer seminar.

Misha Canin, Print Managing Editor and Business Co-Editor

Originally scheduled to be held at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the 2020 World Affairs Seminar (WAS) has been moved to a virtual format due to COVID-19. This year’s topic explores the problem of hunger in a world where there are plentiful resources. The conference aims to bring conversations about world problems to students everywhere. 

Mary Woodward ’21 was one of the students from West who was planning to attend the seminar. 

“Initially I was super disappointed that the traditional seminar was canceled because I was looking forward to meeting new people, getting to stay in a dorm and learning about world hunger. But, I am very glad that they were able to move the seminar to an online format,” Woodward said. 

Students will still have access to many of the original resources, a few being the live and pre-recorded lectures as well as group discussions and break-out speakers. Delegates choosing to attend the online forum must have access to internet connectivity on an electronic device.

The seminar will take place from Monday, June 22 through Thursday, June 25 with sessions daily. Students should not plan to travel for this seminar, as all participation can take place from home. 

For more information about the changes check out the WAS website here. For any questions regarding the conference, email contact@worldaffairsseminar.org.