Old movies available on streaming services

Still trapped inside? Here are some old film recommendations available on streaming services.


While theaters are closed streaming services are the next option.

While everyone is trapped inside during the COVID-19 quarantine, it is rather difficult to see new movies. Newly released films either have been moved to a later date or released with limited crowds for example Tenet. With few new films being released on streaming services, like Mulan and Enola Holmes, older movies are the next best option. Many streaming services have a wide variety of movies, especially old movies (pre-2000). 


Netflix is one of the most well-known streaming services out there, so it makes sense that they would have many classics. If you’re looking for an adventure, Netflix has the original three Indiana Jones films as well as Jurassic Park. These are entertaining and are quite popular. If it’s a comedy that you’re after, Netflix has the hilarious comedy Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Netflix also has Being John Malkovich, a good and strange film with some very creative ideas. My main Netflix recommendation would have to be Taxi Driver. This is a great, yet disturbing film with an amazing lead performance, and brilliant directing.


Tubi is a great streaming service that not many people talk about. It has so many campy classic movies. Tubi has all of the 60s/70s Gamera films. Gamera is a Kaiju monster similar to Godzilla. These films are so fun to watch. During this stressful time, it’s nice to watch a flying turtle beat up a dinosaur with a knife for a head. Tubi also has the very violent Riki-oh: the Story of Ricky. This film features some kick-butt action scenes, and great bloody violence, this is a much watch for kung fu fans. Tubi’s best film in my opinion is Bad Taste, which is such an amazing film. This is a really hilarious film, with a lot of great splatter violence. The practical effects are steller as well. The film was directed by Peter Jackson, the man who would go on to do the Lord of the Rings films. It’s really interesting to look at this low budget, vulgar, comedy and compare it to what Peter Jackson would go on to direct.

Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime has a lot of films, unfortunately not a lot of old ones. Amazon has Labyrinth, which is fun and has a great performance from David Bowie. They also have Jerry Lewis’ classic The Nutty Professor, which is quite funny and has a lot of physical comedy similar to Jim Carrey. My main recommendation for Amazon Prime would have to be The Terminator, a film that needs no introduction. Great lead performances from the iconic actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, great practical effects, and a great story, what more could you want? If none of these films have your interest almost every film, new or old, can be rented from prime.

Disney Plus

There is not much to go over for Disney Plus. The services feature every old Disney film. They have the original Stars Wars films, but everyone has seen those. I suppose I would also recommend The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is a really fun movie with stellar animation, and nice songs. It’s also the perfect time considering Halloween is coming up. Like I previously stated there is not much to go over, Disney plus has Disney stuff.

HBO max

HBO max has a lot of films both new, and old. The services feature all of the Studio Ghibli films, these films have beautiful animation and lovely stories. They have the Die Hard films which are great action films, these are quite epic, because of the extreme action sequences. HBO max also has Dick Tracy, which is a film that deserves more attention. It has a phenomenal color pallet and feels like a comic book literally made into a live-action film. It also has an all-star cast, from Al Pacino to Warren Beatty. The service also has the very atmospheric film, Alien. It’s perfect for the Halloween season. HBO max has some hilarious comedies such as Funny Farm and Election. They also have eight of the Godzilla films from the 50s-70s era which are fun and epic. As the series develops they begin to get sillier and stranger. It was tough to land on a main recommendation choice, but it would have to be Blood Simple directed by the Coen brothers. This is another film that is overlooked. It’s similar to their more well-known films like Fargo. It’s equally intriguing and interesting as Fargo. Like Bad Taste, it’s interesting to see how far the directors have come, I highly recommend it. HBO max has so many films, there is something for everyone.