WSS staffers quit social media for a week

In order to test the benefits of reduced screen time, WSS staffers Caroline Mascardo ’22 and Helelia Wa ’23 went a full week without using social media.

Helelia Wa Kalala and Caroline Mascardo


In this video, WSS staffers Caroline Mascardo ’22 and Helelia Wa ’23 try to go a full week without using social media. Below are the guidelines and strategies they used while filming this video in order to have a healthy mindset.

  • The time limit for social media: If you are not looking for something related to education or work, don’t use it for more than 30 minutes per day. If using it for work, not more than 2 hours per day (be strict with yourself).
  • The time limit for entertainment (TV, Netflix, youtube, music.)
  •  Don’t watch anything when you’re doing schoolwork.
  • You are allowed to watch anything for as many hours as you’d like per day, just don’t binge-watch and try to do some activities from the lists below!

When using social media think about this:

  • Check the people you follow, how do they make you feel?
  • How much negativity do you take in from social media?
  • What is your main motivation for being on social media?

The staffers stuck to the following schedule to help them reduce screen time:


  1. Don’t use your phone you phone for the first 30 minutes of waking up.
  2. Don’t use your bed for anything else than sleeping in the morning.
  3. Tidy up around your room.
  4. Make your own breakfast.
  5. Listen to peaceful music.
  6. Make a to-do list or plan for the day.

Between Classes

  • Try completing some easy assignments between classes.
  • When you get an assignment done, give yourself a reward, anything you want.
  • Stretch.

After classes 

  • Get started on assignments.
  • Put your phone in another room when working on assignments.
  • Don’t focus on anything else but the work you need to get done. Especially not your phone!
  • Give yourself 5-minute breaks after every 45 minutes when working on assignments.
  • Journal about how you feel.
  • Take a nap.


  • Do whatever you want but don’t waste your time on social media.
  • Get assignments done or started early.

Things to do during a 5-minute break (destress)

  • Drink water.
  • Cuddle your pets.
  • Eat a snack.
  • Stretch for 5 minutes.
  • Respond to emails.
  • Write a nice note to someone.
  • Listen to music.
  • Take 5 mins to do nothing.

Alternatives to social media:

This time is important for you so don’t waste it on social media or on anything that won’t benefit you. 

  • Paint or draw, use the creative parts of your brain!
  • Clean your room or decorate a part of it, it might feel tiring at first but you’ll love seeing the results.
  • Read ( have fun, use sticky notes, highlighters, etc.)
  • have a polaroid photoshoot, not to post but to keep in your room.
  • Journal, or do something crafty
  • Bake or cook.
  • Go outside (safely) and watch the sunset.
  • Skate or bike.

Beneficial things to do at night 

  • Plan for the next day.
  • Write down how you feel.
  • spend time with loved ones.

Final results: