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Caroline Mascardo, Editorials Editor and Copy Editor

(they/them) Caroline Mascardo is a senior at West High, and they are the editorials editor and a copy editor for the print publication. In their free time, Caroline enjoys watching movies, eating Hi-Chews and improving their mad graphic design skills. Their Spotify is @Kaholeen Mahskahdoh.

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Stories in The Radish, WSS' satire series, should not be taken seriously, as they bear faint resemblance to reality.

The Radish

April 27, 2021
Despite progress made toward the inclusion of transgender and non-binary athletes in high school sports, challenges and stigmas are still prevalent in athletic programs throughout the state.

Beyond the binary

February 26, 2021
WSS' satire series is back for its third installment.

The Radish

December 22, 2020
The divide between Democrats and Republicans is ever-apparent.

What’s at stake

November 21, 2020
The Iowa City City Council speaks at an IFR protest at the Pentacrest.

2020 summer recap

October 16, 2020
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Caroline Mascardo