Caroline’s Comics: Protect the bunnies, forget trans youth

This week’s installment of Caroline’s Comics examines Iowa State Senator Amy Sinclair’s recently introduced bill, SF80.

Caroline Mascardo, Editorials Editor and Copy Editor

Although his presidency comes to a close today, the stain former President Donald Trump has left on LGBTQ+ rights during his four years in office is undeniable, with consistent attempts at exempting these individuals from non-discrimination protections. His administration has set a precedent for regressive policies, one that is observable at the local level. Iowa State Senator Amy Sinclair has come under fire for sponsoring the recently introduced Senate File 80, which would require school districts to notify a student’s parent or guardian of their child’s pronouns or have said information available upon request. Not only is SF80 a blatant attempt to “out” transgender students who may feel uncomfortable sharing this with their family, but it also undermines LGBTQ+ safe spaces in schools. As the Senate Majority Whip and newly appointed Chair of the Education Committee, Senator Sinclair poses a direct threat to the safety of LGBTQ+ youth in Iowa. Meanwhile, she has steadily advocated for the humane treatment of rabbits in another state bill, SF85. While rabbit protections are of mediocre importance, defending trans youth is a significantly more meaningful concern, especially considering President Trump’s regular efforts to harm the LGBTQ+ community while in office. Even with Trump out of the White House, prejudice remains rampant in the U.S. (case in point: Amy Sinclair).