Caroline’s Comics: Follow the leader

This week’s installment of Caroline’s Comics explores the impacts of President Trump’s refusal to concede on the rest of the Republican party.

Caroline Mascardo, Editorials Editor and Copy Editor

During his first campaign rally since the election, President Trump continued to spew baseless claims of fraudulent voting at Georgian voters on Dec. 5. Ironically, the purpose of the rally was to boost support for Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue before the January runoff elections. Trump walked a thin line during his rambles, asserting that the November election was rigged while also encouraging his supporters to vote. If Loeffler and Purdue both lose the Georgia runoff elections, the Democratic party will assume control of the Senate. 

In case the divide between political parties was not evident enough, only 27 of 249 congressional Republicans have acknowledged Biden’s win. The vast majority of Republicans support Trump’s false claims and attempts at undermining election results, most notably Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Trump’s presidency has polarized parties to an unprecedented extreme, and other Republicans are following in his footsteps. In half a dozen states, failed candidates have claimed voter fraud. Even as Trump exits the White House (while hinting at a comeback in 2024), his efforts to undermine democracy in the 2020 election will likely reshape the Republican party for years to come.