Hot takes

Which foods are overrated? Does pineapple belong on pizza? These unanswered questions often leave much up for debate. Here are some students’ controversial opinions.


Rachel Swack

Students share their hot takes, unpopular opinions.

“Bacon is disgusting.” – Lily Zukin ’24


Spotify is better than Apple Music.” – Sophie Nims ’21


“Water isn’t wet because the term ‘wet’ is used as an adjective to describe when something has water on it. Water already is water, so you can’t say that water has water on it.” – Nathan Smithey ’22


“Hot Cheetos, pickles, Twizzlers, and cheese are disgusting.… Strawberries are not that good, and we all eat them because others do, and we just don’t wanna say it out loud that [they’re] quite frankly terrible.” – Stephanie Nuro-Gyina ’23


“Raccoons are cute and should be made legal to own as pets.” – Tony Wang ’22


“Water has taste.” – Eghe Sule ’23


“Cinnamon rolls are a dessert, and we have been tricked [into] thinking they are a breakfast food.” – Xander Owens-Holst ’22


“Corn belongs on pizza.” – Peter Adams ’22


“Salt should never be combined with sweet, especially caramel.” -Yaya Orszula ’24


“Caramel is pronounced ‘care-a-mel.’” – Adama Katile ’22


“‘Family Guy’ is better than ‘The Simpsons.’” – Han Gao ’21


“Pineapple belongs on pizza.” – Peyton Follmer ’22


“Boba tea is a soup.” – McKenna Proud ’21


“Mayonnaise is just egg butter.” – Kaisa Whittaker ’21


“Boneless wings are just flavored, saucy chicken nuggets.” – Emily Vogt ’24


“Ladybugs are terrifying, and I hate them, but spiders are cute.” – Carly Norris ’21


“Some movies, no matter how good they are, should not make sequels and spinoffs. Movies are a form of art, and you don’t see people going out and making the ‘Mona Lisa 2.’ My point is that some art should not be tampered with.” – Zach Anderson ’21


“Dogs are disgusting.” – Brecken Donelson ’22