Students for Environmental Action club holds first meeting

The Students for Environmental Action club is striving to make sustainability more accessible at West.


Image courtesy of Raina Pfeifer

Students for Environmental Action is a club at West dedicated to finding more ways to help the environment.

Hanah Kitamoto, Print Co-Editor-In-Chief

Students for Environmental Action, also known as SEA, held its first meeting on Zoom Dec. 15. In the meeting, student attendees shared goals they would like the club to strive towards.

“I wanted to use this meeting to set a bit of groundwork for what we want to accomplish and some ideas for how we can go about it,” said Raina Pfeifer ’22, the founder and president of the club. “There were a lot of ideas tossed around regarding social media and making sustainability more accessible at West which makes me really excited for what could come.”

According to Pfeifer, there were 18 to 19 students in the first meeting, which was a surprise for her.

“I only expected about 10 or so but so many people showed up ready to talk and share ideas which was awesome,” Pfeifer said.

Pfeifer decided to create SEA to raise environmental awareness and promote more sustainable practices at West High.

“Sustainability is something that I’m really interested in personally and I know a lot of people around me are too so I thought it would be a good way to get more people involved and create a way for us to make lasting change,” Pfeifer said. “My main goal in making this club was to create a group where people can express ideas about making West more sustainable and giving more people opportunities to make a change.”

Hiruni Sumanasiri ’22, a member of the club, feels it is crucial for students to take steps in sustaining the environment and encourages students who are passionate about the environment to join the club.

“I just hope to inform incoming students about the importance of taking action on different environmental needs, and informing them more on sustainability,” Sumanasiri said. “It’s a club that hears your thoughts and opinions, and if you’re someone that cares about the environment then it’s the right club for you.”

Students interested in joining the club can fill out this google form.