In-person versus online schooling: Student-athletes weigh in

In this interactive post, learn how West High student-athletes feel sports factor in to the online versus in-person debate, and whether they believe practice conditions are safe.

The choice between online, hybrid and fully in-person schooling is one that has weighed heavy on the minds of parents, students and administrators this year. For student-athletes, the additional question of “Will I get to play this season?” has played a role in this thought process, as athletics were suspended during periods of fully-online learning. For student-athletes who did not have their seasons cancelled this year due to school closures, the question of whether schools and coaches are taking adequate safety precautions is also a consideration in whether or not to participate in athletics during this unconventional year. In this WSS investigation, West High student-athletes explain to readers why they value sports, and their answer to the question of “Is practicing worth the risk?”