Show choir auditions back in full swing


We go to the shows and see them dancing on stage, twirling around in sparkling costumes, but we don’t know what happens before anyone is pronounced a member of either Show Time or Good Time Company.  Show choir auditions are back and in full speed. They are taught a challenging dance which they learn in about a week and they also are taught a song.   “We will select singers into our show choirs based on the following criteria:  quality of singing, quality of dancing, ability to communicate with an audience, and teamwork and dedication.” said Mr. Person. It’s challenging for  Mr. Person and Ms. Knapp to choose between these, around, 200 students who are trying out.  This year, however, is different then others.  They decided to bring in two unfamiliar ears to listen and judge the auditions.  One happens to be David Haas, who will be the choir director filling in for Ms. Knapp next year as Treble Choir and Woman’s Chorale new director. Even though its tough and stressful time Mr. Person still has a reason to enjoy auditions. “In show choir auditions, I enjoy watching the growth from year to year from our singers.” said Mr. Person.  Show choir auditions began Tuesday the 15th and will commence Thursday the 17th.