West High announces changes in Monday Message

Principal Mitch Gross announced new hall pass system among other news in the Monday Message on Jan. 3


Owen Aanestad

The Monday Message is a weekly YouTube video made by Principal Mitch Gross to inform students. (File Photo)

Maddy Smith, Visual Editor and Feature Editor

This new year is bringing new changes to the hallways of West High. The first Monday Message of the year held weather warnings, a new hall pass system and COVID-19 updates. 

Due to students lingering in the hallways during the class period, a new hall pass system will be installed. Each classroom will receive one pass that can be used for water and bathroom breaks, with the intent to cut down lingering in the hallways and bathrooms. The pass will also be prohibited during the last ten minutes of class, as students will not be allowed to leave the classroom during this time. 

Principal Mitch Gross also reiterated the mask policy in light of the new Omiron variant. “It is of the utmost importance that students have their mask on [and] wear it correctly,” Gross said. Teachers and staff have been instructed to enforce the masl policy, and failure of the students to do so will result in disciplinary action. He is encouraging students to get vaccinated and boosted if eligible. 

Given the cold temperatures, it is important for students to wear the correct attire and stay warm. If students have any issues getting appropriate winter gear, please contact Mitch Gross at [email protected] or visit him in the office. 

The Monday Message ended on a light note, with compliments to the students and staff, as well as a hope for the remainder of the year.  “I am very, very proud of what we have accomplished during the first half of the year, [and] am very very excited about where we are going for the second half of the school year,” Gross said.