‘The Ritual’ was well worth the emotional damage

WSS staffer Eleanor Weitz ’24 and her guests Defne Bayman ’24 and Kamakshee Kuchhal ’24 discuss the 2017 film “The Ritual”.

Eleanor Weitz, Managing Editor

The 2017 film “The Ritual” is a thrilling story of four friends who stray off the trail deep in the woodlands of Sweden and are brutally hunted by an ancient Norse monster. The movie is filled with tension and disturbing gore with aspects of ritualistic horror similar to that of the popular movie “Midsommar”. It’s guaranteed to have you thinking about it long after the movie ends. The film is rated R and has quite a few scenes of gore along with mature language. If you think you can handle that and are in the mood for a scary movie, go watch this movie on Netflix and come back to listen to our podcast review. Will our opinions differ from yours?