Low Stats High Rolls episode 1: Enter

Welcome, witches, wizards and warlocks. A new story unfolds as our adventurers climb the Tower. What is it that you wish? Riches? Power? Honor? Pride? Revenge? Or is it something that is beyond all of these? Whatever it is that you desire, it can always be found at the Top. 

Lee Corlette, Podcaster


This is the first episode of Low Stats High Rolls, a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) actual play podcast. This first chapter surrounds the character Gundark as he begins his travels, climbing the Tower, a mysterious place only talked about in legends, as he searches for his only friend, Hira. Our players are Ian Wells, Ben Ciliberto, and Derrick Pennel. This story is adapted from Tower of God. For those of you wanting to get into D&D, D&D Beyond is a great place to start, and for some of the best of D&D, Critical Role is your place.