What is 1440?

1440 interact is a volunteering club at West where students can make meaningful connections to their community.

Eleanor Weitz , Entertainment Co-Editor

The 1440 Interact Club is the high school branch of Rotary International at West High. Rotary is a community-based organization that focuses on building community and promoting peace and service worldwide. The club uses the name 1440 because there are that many minutes in a day that one could be serving their community. Meetings are held in Ms. Sandhu’s room after school every Wednesday, and during these meetings, the club organizes various volunteer activities to help groups in need in Iowa City/Coralville communities. Past activities include making gift baskets for hospital workers; writing letters to people in hospice, and making dog toys and blankets for the local animal shelter. The club also partakes in events like food drives, fundraisers, and demonstrations such as Walk For Water, where students walk a long distance through the city to raise awareness for fighting the global water crisis. All these opportunities and more are available to students through 1440.

Honestly, the most rewarding part of being in 1440 is seeing the reactions of the people that I help”

— Kamakshee Kucchal '24

Not only are these volunteer events good for your community and your heart, but they are also an amazing and convenient way to earn silver cord hours for graduation. Silver cord is a program where if you record 200 volunteer hours and report them to the school, you receive a cord at graduation. If you’re looking for new opportunities to gain hours, 1440 is a surefire way to find some. Every student brings new organizations and volunteer opportunities to the club each year. There are many places you wouldn’t think of that are actually in dire need of aid. You can find these places and help others find them through the club.

If you have a specific organization you wish was better known, 1440 is the perfect way to raise awareness. Everyone in the club is ready and willing to volunteer where there’s a need. People who have a real passion for a specific cause are sought out for 1440. It can really help when applying for the executive board to have a specific interest you can bring to the club. Our presidents this year are Kamakshee Kuchhal ’24, Zaira Ahmad ’24, and Lily Graham ’24. All of these wonderful students care so much about the club and the West High community. These long-time volunteers are happy to help you with any questions you may have about the club. “Honestly, the most rewarding part of being in 1440 is seeing the reactions of the people that I help” 1440 president Kamakshee Kuchhal ’24 says. Kuchhal’s motivation for leading the club is the smiles she brings to the community as she makes a difference.