NSPA names West journalists as top 10 finalists in national contests

Winners to be announced Nov. 12 at NSPA’s St. Louis convention


National finalists include Owen Aanestad ’22, Alaina Greenlee ’23, Xiaoyi Zhu ’22, Caroline Mascardo ’22, Helena Wa Kalala ’23, Ruba Ahmed-Abdelmutalab ’22, Katherine Shoppa ’23, Will Cheng ’23, Zaira Ahmad ’24, Hanah Kitamoto ’22, Krisha Kapoor ’23, Lily Prochaska ’23, Heidi Du ’23 and Ella De Young ’23.


The National Scholastic Press Association announced finalists for its 2022 individual contests, with each contest category including up to 10 finalists nationwide. Winners will be announced at NSPA/JEA’s convention in St. Louis on Nov. 12. The Trojan Epic and West Side Story staff will send 14 student delegates to represent their publications in St. Louis.

The finalists from West include:

  1. Portfolio of the Year — Broadcast Journalist of the Year finalist: Alaina Greenlee ’23
  2. Portfolio of the Year — Designer of the Year finalist: Xiaoyi Zhu ’22
  3. Portfolio of the Year — Photojournalist of the Year finalist: Owen Aanestad ’22
  4. Newsmagazine Page Spread finalist: Will Cheng ’23 for “Silenced Speech”
  5. Illustration finalist: Caroline Mascardo ’22 for “Find WSS”
  6. Sports Story finalist: Heidi Du ’23, Krisha Kapoor ’23 and Lily Prochaska ’23 for “Equal Footing”
  7. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion finalists: Zaira Ahmad ’24, Ella De Young ’23 and Caroline Mascardo ’22 for “Gender.” 
  8. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion finalist: Ruba Ahmed-Abdelmutalab ’22 and Katherine Shoppa ’23 for “We are the BSU”
  9. Multimedia Sports Story finalist: Owen Aanestad ’22 for “Crossing the limits”
  10. Multimedia Sports Story finalist: Owen Aanestad ’22 for “Fueling the fight”
  11. Social Media Promotion finalist: WSS Staff, led by Hanah Kitamoto ’22 and Helena Wa Kalala ’23