Comfort flicks

WSS suggests shows and movies to watch during this chilly season.


“Phineas and Ferb”: If you wish to escape applications, homework and the cold into the warm and lazy months of summer, watch as brothers Phineas and Ferb build giant contraptions to escape summer boredom while their sister Candace fails to bust them. During their endeavors, their pet, Perry the Platypus, sneaks off to fight the evil scientist, Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his evil inators.

“The Office”: Following the lives of coworkers at Dunder Mifflin, a small paper company in Scranton, PA, a cast of quirky and entertaining characters are bound to provide comfort and laughter to viewers. “The Office” is a mockumentary that has captivated America since its 2005 release.

“Heartstopper”: Based on the webcomic turned graphic novel, “Heartstopper” is a heart-warming, slow-burning romance between British high schoolers, Charlie and Nick.
It begins when Nick, a charismatic rugby player, is seated in class next to Charlie, a nerdy student who was outed as gay the previous school year. They become close friends until they realize it might be something more.

“Gilmore Girls”: A classic fall comfort show focused on the relationship between Lorelai, a single mom, and Rory, her teenage daughter. The beginning seasons are concentrated on Rory’s time at a highly competitive private school as she balances grades, relationships and the impending threat of applying to college. Through ups and downs, watch Lorelai and Rory evolve against the backdrop of Stars Hollow, a small town where it is seemingly always autumn.

“Friends”: Though it is from the ’90s, don’t be fooled: “Friends” continues to stay relevant as it explores the bonds between six 20-somethings adjusting to adulthood. The iconic coffee shop scenes and the gentle glow of the show’s pre-21st century camera make ‘comfort’ this show’s main adjective.

“The Owl House”: This is a show about Luz, a teenager, who accidentally travels to the demon realm. Once there, she discovers magic is real and wants to become a witch. She helps Eda The Owl Lady, who then agrees to teach her wild magic. However, they find out that Luz cannot perform spells like others in the isles and must find her own way to perform magic.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”: This is a comedic slice-of-life show about the daily lives and interactions of a New York City police precinct. An intelligent detective, Jake Peralta does not follow the rules, which is fine until Raymond Holt gets appointed as commanding officer of the station house, changing the dynamics and characteristics of the police force and officers.

“Gravity Falls”: An animated supernatural mystery show packed with action and comedy, centered around the adventures of twins Mabel and Dipper. Stuck with their Great Uncle (Grunkle) Stan at his tourist trap, the twins try and make the best of their summer.


“Home Alone”: A blockbuster movie, “Home Alone” is about a young boy named Kevin McCallister who is left home alone by accident while his family goes on Christmas vacation. Two burglars try to rob the house thinking no one is there, but Kevin will stop at nothing to protect his house, no matter how dangerous it is.

“Coraline”: Warning: this movie is fit for anyone wanting a good scare. The story centers around a young girl named Coraline who just moved into a new house. The house holds many secrets, including what lies behind a secret door. Coraline navigates this new world, but she must be careful as everything is not as it seems. It is an animated movie that has haunted kids’ imaginations for years.

“Good Will Hunting”: The greater Boston area isn’t just home to the likes of Harvard and MIT but also the undiscovered mathematical genius, Will Hunting. Hunting is soon to find out that he has a separate life waiting for him if he wishes to realize it. With the help of Robin Williams starring as his future therapist, and Stellan Skarsgard, a mathematician, Hunting’s life changes forever.

“Fantastic Mr. Fox”: Wes Anderson seldom fails to create a movie without an incredibly distinct style. In this film, Mr. Fox, despite his crafty ways, is no match for human characters Boggis, Bunse and Bean as he decides to pull one last job stealing chickens, ducks and of course Bean’s famous alcoholic apple cider. “Fantastic Mr. Fox” examines the animalistic nature of society and invites viewers to consider how these ideas apply to our human world.

“Dead Poets Society”: Welton Academy in Vermont is home to strict rules, high expectations and unruly teenage boys struggling to find themselves and getting into trouble. The thin veil between what’s expected of them and what they want is broken after a new English teacher, Mr. John Keating, introduces them to a new type of learning and living.

“Little Women”: Directed by Greta Gerwig and based on the 1868 novel written by Louisa May Alcott, “Little Women” is a story of sisterhood and friendship. Struggling with the hardships of the American Civil War in New England, the four March sisters navigate growing up and growing apart.