Sustainable fashion holds winter clothing drive

‘Tis the season to lend a hand to those in need. The sustainable fashion club is looking for donations for their winter clothing drive before winter break.

Nicole Lee, Opinion Editor

It’s that time of year again. The winds are howling with some extra vigor this season, so people should be making sure to dress warmly in fun winter fashion; puffer jackets, Ugg boots, wool mittens, hats with pom-poms, colorful scarves, anything that shouts cozy. Of course, no person deserves to be deprived of having nice clothing to hold them through the harsh winter, which is why the Sustainable Fashion Club was happy to announce the winter clothing drive to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

Partnering with West High supply, the club is working to contribute to the supply and make sure no piece of fabric leftover in people’s houses goes to waste. Any donation is welcome, and can be made in the main commons at West High. Anyone who is thinking of doing their part for the West High community, however, will have to hurry due to the “surprising” cancellation of school on both Thursday and Friday forcing the drive to be limited up to Wednesday now instead of the rest of the week. Please make sure the items donated are new/gently used with minimal signs of wear. If you can’t imagine going out into the cold without it, they’re asking for it— jackets, fleeces, hoodies/sweatshirts, gloves/mittens, scarves/buffs and hats/beanies. Any of these and more would be greatly appreciated.  Consider this your send off for your two-day extended winter break!