Biswash Bhattarai ’23 describes how working at his family’s local business, Taj International, has fostered his interest in economics and shaped his aspirations.


Eva Jordan

Biswash (Biz) Bhattarai stands proudly as the new face of the popular “stonks” meme.

If Biswash “Biz” Bhattarai ’23 had to pick one word to describe himself, it would be ambitious.

“I’m ambitious in the sense that I try to do a lot,” Bhattarai said. “Whether through extracurriculars or academics, I’m always trying to do or achieve more. I go 100 percent into what I’m interested in.”

Social studies teacher and Investing Club sponsor Andrew Bloom believes Bhattarai’s ambition radiates to others.

He’s got an air of cool confidence. That’s the really cool thing about Biz,” Bloom said. “When he walks in, you know that he knows what he wants to do, what his goal is, and I think that separates him from his peers.

When he walks in, you know that he knows what he wants to do, what his goal is, and I think that separates him from his peers.

— Biswash Bhattarai ’23

Throughout high school, much of Bhattarai’s ambition has been directed towards business. After stumbling across educational YouTube videos during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bhattarai found the complexities of business appealing.

“I liked the multifaceted nature of business,” Bhattarai said. “It connects to economics and psychology. The reason I’m interested is because it encompasses a lot of things, and that [gives me more to] explore in the future.”

Bhattarai used his new knowledge of economics to work at his family’s international grocery store, Taj International, for more exposure to the business world. From being a busboy to managing daily sales in a spreadsheet, Bhattarai values the experience he has gained from working around the store.

“Initially, it started off with stocking shelves, but then, it developed into understanding competitors, what markup would be the best and how to attract customers,” Bhattarai said. “Besides researching on my own through the internet, [Taj International] gives me a physical place to learn business. And it gives me a mentor, my dad, who can teach me.”

Although it is difficult for Bhattarai to find time to work due to college applications and schoolwork, he finds that introducing his younger brother, 10-year-old Binay Bhattarai, to the world of business makes finding the time worth it.

“We can work together on super busy days when we get a shipment [of fresh vegetables],” Bhattarai said. “Bringing my brother in and helping him find his interest in business and showing him what he could be doing in the future is the most rewarding part [of working].”

Bhattarai pursues his interests in economics at West through Business Professionals of America, a student-led organization that competes nationally in business management and information technology events. As part of BPA’s Executive Board, Bhattarai recruits new members and creates a sense of community within the club.

“I didn’t know how people-centric business was. Since I got into business through finance and through numbers, I was just oblivious to the people side. BPA opened me up to other people [and] taught me to be more considerate,” Bhattarai said.

Bhattarai is also the founder of Investing Club at West, which meets every Friday during AFT in Room 232. Members learn about investing and participate in a virtual stock-exchanging competition. Bloom believes that Bhattarai’s dedication to Investing Club sets him apart from other people.

“I think Biz knows so much for a person his age about business that it’s infectious for other people to hear him talk about the strategies for success,” Bloom said. “The big things that stand out to me are his willingness to really pick up things on his own and try to start something new.”

Bhattarai’s future ambitions include attending a college to pursue business, specifically entrepreneurship, where he has more creative freedom.

“I feel like I’ll either be in Silicon Valley or Wall Street. It depends on where I go to college,” Bhattarai said. “But I’ll either be running my own business or launching my own startup.”