Business Professionals of America compete at the State Leadership Conference

This past weekend Business Professionals of America (BPA) traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to compete in the State Leadership Conference. The qualifying competitors will move on to nationals in Dallas, Texas.


Abbie Weipert

Many West High students traveled to Des Moines to compete in the State Leadership Conference. Photo courtesy of Abbie Weipert.

Olivia Dachtler, Photographer

Each year, West High’s Business Professionals of America travel to the state conference in Des Moines. This year, many of the competing students placed and will move on to Dallas, Texas for nationals. Group leader Diane Fickel said she was very pleased with how the students performed this year.

“This year we had twenty-five students qualified for nationals, last year we qualified eighteen,” she said.

Last year, Joe Briddle ‘18 was elected state officer, while this year Jason Strunk ‘19 and Maddy Luegering ‘19 were elected for positions. Fickel has high hopes for these students, among the other qualifiers.

“I would like to take home at least two National Place finishers this year,” she said. “The competition is very stiff, but we are well prepared.”

Fickel said she believes that BPA is a program that strengthens students in a unique way.

“In BPA you set yourself apart from others in this competitive world by learning professional skills,” she said. “The BPA chapter at West High provides opportunities for students to network, create meaningful relationships and participate in opportunities you do not get in the classroom.” ”

— Mrs. Fickel

The State Conference placements are as listed below:

Elected New Iowa President: Jason Strunk 

Elected New Iowa VP: Maddy Luegering

Financial Analyst Team State Champs: Claire Lynch & Lydia Youngquist

Video Production Team State Champs:  Margaret Liu, Alexandra Carlon & Sara Baroncini

Website Design Team State Champs: Sophia Perniciaro & Ryan Gamble

Financial Math State Champ: Serena Cheng

Interview Skills: Jason Strunk – State Champ, Joe Briddle – Second Place

Human Resource Management State Champ: Anna Jacoby

Presentation Management Independent State Champ: Isabella Hoeger-Pinto

Java Programming State Champ: Grant Anderson

Presentation Management Team Second Place: Luis Mercado, Grace Heller & Jirah Massaki

Global Marketing Team Second Place: Conner Hopkins & Ryan Braverman

Broadcast Team Second Place: Izabel Houselog & Ally Halverson

Economic Individual Research Second Place: Even Heller

Prepared Speech Second Place: Jordan Bailey

Advanced Interview Skills Third Place: Morgan Hawkins

Management/Marketing/HR Third Place: Hannah Luce

Business Marketing Management Fourth Place: Liam Terry

Payroll Account Fifth Place: Lydia Youngquist

Personal Financial Management Fifth Place: Grant Anderson