What is Grapevine?

Zaira Ahmad ‘24 answers West High’s burning questions regarding the school run magazine, Grapevine.

Laney Prelle, Profiles Editor

Though Grapevine had to take a hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are back and better than ever for the second year. Zaira Ahmad ’24 tells all about Grapevine and her position on the magazine.

What is your role on Grapevine?

“I am the editor-in-chief of Grapevine. My goal is to lead club meetings and help members of the club learn to edit and review.”

What does Grapevine do? 

“Grapevine is a literary magazine. We publish student work in a magazine that is then distributed in April. We have both an online and physical version of the magazine for the community to access.”

How did Grapevine start?

“I’m not entirely sure. When the magazine first began, it was called The West High Review. In 2019, we had a rebrand and the magazine became Grapevine.”

What types of art can be submitted?

“Any art can be submitted! We accept photography, poetry, prose, short stories, paintings, drawings, collages and more. If people ever want to know what we accept, they can always reach out to me and club members to find out.”

What would you like to see from Grapevine this year?

“This year we are hoping to get a greater number of submissions. During the height of the pandemic, the club shut down. Now being back, we want to see the same number of people submitting that were submitting before.”

How have you seen Grapevine affect people? 

“Grapevine has been an accessible way for students to get their work seen by the community and public. Sometimes it can be hard to do open mics or showcases, but Grapevine allows students to present their work in an easy way.”

What is your favorite memory or thing to do involving Grapevine?

“My favorite thing about Grapevine has been getting to work with some pretty creative people. Members always have great ideas for getting submissions and creating posters. I also enjoy getting to see all of the work submitted. The talent in our school never fails to impress me.”