A successful state

West High’s track teams returned from state with four state titles and a top five overall placement for the boys.

Paige Albright, Managing Co-Editor, Podcast Editor


Combined, the girls and boys track teams had 19 total top-ten finishes and 72 points combined at the Iowa State Track and Field Championships last weekend. The athletes competed across three days in 29 total events. West High came home with four state titles from the boys team (in the shuttle hurdle relay, distance medley relay, 4 x 200 meter and 4 x 100-meter relays). The boys also have a new school record in the 800-meter run, now belonging to sophomore Moustafa Tiea.


100-meter dash: Annie Schwartz ’23 placed 18th and Jordan Caperon ’23 placed fifth in the boys wheelchair 100 meter.

100-meter hurdle: On the girls side Erinah Carter ’24 placed seventh, while teammate Sohpia Olivo ’25 placed 10th. For the boys, Jesus Marungo-Murillo ’24 and Quinn Abbott placed 16th and 22nd, respectively.

Shuttle hurdle relay: Both the girls and boys teams placed top five, with the boys team of Quinn Abbott ’24, Jesus Marungo-Murillo ’24, Aidan Jacobsen ’24 and Christian Janis ’23 taking home a state title. The girls team of Sophia Olivo ’25, Lily McConnell, Heba War ’23 and Erinah Carter ’24 placed fourth.

4 x 100-meter relay: The state champion team of Todd Rent ’24, Izaiah Loveless ’24, Daniel Robinson ’24 and Christian Janis ’23 ran a time of 41.89 seconds.

200-meter dash: Annie Schwartz ’23 placed 20th, while the boys’ Izaiah Loveless ’24 placed second and Jordan Caperon ’23 sixth in the wheelchair 200.

4 x 200-meter relay: The boys team of Todd Rent ’24, Christian Janis ’23, Aidan Jacobsen ’24 and Izaiah Loveless ’24 took home the state title in a time of 1 minute, 26.69 seconds.

400-meter dash: Erinn Varga ’24 placed twentieth in 1 minute, 1.78 seconds, the boys sent three runners Carson Teghanemt ’23, Jordan Caperon ’23 and Mason Van Waning ’23. They placed 17th, seventh (in the wheelchair 400) and 21st, respectively.

400-meter hurdles: Erinn Varga ’24 placed ninth, while Aidan Jacobsen ’24 placed second in a time of 52.63 seconds.

4 x 400-meter relay: The girls ran the team of Annie Schwartz ’23, Lydia Evans ’26, Anna Prouty ’23 and Erinn Varga ’24, which placed 18th. While the boys team of Aidan Jacobsen ’24, Mason Van Waning ’23, Moustafa Tiea ’25 and Carson Teghanemt ’23 placed 11th.

800-meter run: Sophomore Moustafa Tiea placed third in his personal best of 1 minute, 53.63 seconds, setting a new school record.

4 x 800 meter relay: The girls team of Lydia Evans ’26, Gabby Moniza ’24, Cindy Wang ’24 and Kate Van Waning ’26 ran a time of 10 minutes, 16.92 seconds. The boys team placed 18th, running Sam Showers ’25, Mason Van Waning ’23, Brice Wahe ’26 and Moustafa Tiea ’25.

Sprint medley relay: The girls team of Natalie Steva ’25, Lindsey McKane ’25, Annie Schwartz ’23 and Erinn Varga ’24 placed 18th running 1 minute, 52.51 seconds.

Distance medley relay: Taking home the state title with a time of 3 minutes, 27.73 seconds. was the team of Todd Rent ’24, Christian Janis ’23, Izaiah Loveless ’24 and Moustafa Tiea ’25.

Discus: Colin Whitters ’26 placed 13th with a throw of 146.08 feet.

Shot put: Helen Penning ’24 placed 11th with a throw of 36’03.25 feet.

Long jump: Kylin Crittenden ’23 jumped 19’07.75, placing 19th, while Meena Tate ’23 placed 16th, jumping 16’03.25.

High jump: Senior Meena Tate ’23 placed fourth with a jump of 5’02.