My week in music

My week in music

Zora Hurst

by Zora Hurst

Despite the never-changing dings of bells for passing times and the eternal frustration at being stuck behind large gaggles of humans who have ceased moving while on the most crowded staircase in the Northern Hemisphere, every week is different. Every set of five school days requires its own separate lists like: Things I Ate For Lunch or Pairs of Socks I Layered.

This list is quite simple: Tunes I Found Suitable.

Monday – SOHN

If you could smash Explosions in the Sky, Wild Beasts and Mutemath together, you’d end up with this mellow, bass-pulsing track. It’s perfect for countering the apathy of a Monday morning, especially the Monday morning that you realize a test you haven’t studied for is in less than twenty-four hours. Perfect for putting on in the background while you struggle with equations, SOHN’s tracks are free for downloading on their website:

Tuesday – Hiatus Kaiyote

I grew up hearing music my mom liked – lots of Motown, classic rock and general artistry from musicians who were building new genres with each new EP. Led by their amazing frontwoman, Nai Palm, Hiatus Kaiyote is transcending the set of categories we have now to quantify style. With delicate vocal riffs on the fourth track, Malika, and sweet bass riffs reminiscent of a nightclub devoted to jazz on the ninth, Sphinx Gate, Hiatus Kaiyote will have you up out of your seat, grooving for the simple reason that you got out of band early enough to get the last bag of Bosco Sticks. Their new album, Tawk Tomahawk, is available for purchase for ten dollars on their Bandcamp site:

Wednesday – BLOND:ISH

In the description for the Lovers in Limbo EP, BLOND:ISH is described as a band “for the techno hippies,” and that is completely true. Complete with layers upon layers of sound, creating scenes you can interpret freely without fearing rejection (unlike certain difficult passages of poetry in your English class), they’re a perfect group for the middle of the week. Assured to make the rest of the week fly by with such catchy beats, this smooth Canadian group should be quite popular stateside in the next few months.

Thursday – The Staves

Lovers of Keaton Henson, Beirut or Badly Drawn Boy, search no further! This trio of sisters pairs their poetic lyrics with close harmonies that seem more Appalachian than English. The Motherlode EP is fluid and simple, captivating in its stylistic combinations. Like strawberry preserves on toast or light-hearted movies in Film Club (Finn’s room, after school on Thursdays!), The Staves are a reason to love Thursdays (as if early release wasn’t enough).

Friday – This Town Needs Guns

Fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Virgins or Minus the Bear should check out the twelve-track album, as quickly as possible. With the genre “math rock” slapped on their Wikipedia page, the guitarwork is reminiscent of Robby Krieger’s flamenco roots, and Henry Tremain’s vocals are as effortless and clever as you’d expect from a power trio including (at various times since its formation in 2004) a librarian, a schoolteacher, and graphic designer, and a web consultant. This album is a must-have for afternoons at Jimmy John’s, followed by evenings spent lounging in the basement with books from a Must Read list that just might get finished before you turn fifty.