My week in music

Zora Hurst

By Zora Hurst

The week of April 8th through the 12th was a true whirlwind. This edition of MWM was full of extremes: be that sheer giddiness at the blessing of warm weather, or sheer awe at the sky’s ability to be the same shad of not-quite-gray for three days. A few tracks that recorded this past week in its entirety came from Bosnian Rainbows, Malaena Cruz, Keaton Henson, Arcade Fire and Frank Ocean.

Monday – Bosnian Rainbows:

Torn Maps” is an upbeat track that combines the grittiness of T. Rex with dreamy synth riffs that hail from Mario Kart coin collection. Perfect for powering through tedious math problems, and keeping you awake as you plod through latin roots for vocabulary assessments, Bosnian Rainbows deserves a spot on a playlist for those that are slightly vengeful, but largely whimsical. Chase away the blues at the beginning of the week, and energize yourself with this Mars Volta/ Le Butcherettes-inspired group.

Tuesday – Malaena Cadiz:

Stone Throw” was a track I discovered on my favorite fashion blog, which is neither here nor there, but the fact remains: haunting harmonies and delicate acoustic arrangements distinguish this talented woman from other try-hards. Slightly unsettling, but still undeniably catchy, Cadiz is the essential accessory to long afternoon drives, taking breaks from existentialist thoughts (largely “what matters in life? nothing”) as they pertain to AP exam preparation.

Wednesday – Keaton Henson:

If you aren’t familiar with the story of “The Mary Celeste”, go check wikipedia before checking out this heart-wrenching song. Some days sadness can’t be shaken off, despite the sunny dispositions of those around you, and Henson understands that. Without exploiting your vulnerability, he is able to explore dark themes fearlessly. Nights when sleep is slow to make herself known become less suffocating with this soft tenor in your ears.

Thursday – Arcade Fire:

Let me preface with this: I am not a dubstep fan. That being said, KRUSHA’s mix of “We Used to Wait” is flawless. Meant to be blared with your car windows down, french fries lifted in exultation, this track is a tribute to summers past, and a glimpse for those to come. Warning: ketchup splatters on upholstered seats may become commonplace if you choose to frequent this track.

Friday – Frank Ocean:

Whip Appeal has an underwater quality to it that makes it perfect for finishing economics quizzes and getting ready for weekends full of cloud-gazing and stuffing your face with numerous bowls of macaroni and cheese. Or is that just me?