Fashion Friday: Spencer Meacham ’16


Nick Deerberg, Photographer

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Photos by Nick Deerberg

West Side Story: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Spencer Meacham ’16: My inspiration is VEC. It’s kind of really stupid. [My friends] and I made it up one weekend about a month ago, and we were just like “We should start a movement.” It stands for Versatile, Efficient, and Comfort and then we realized you could basically live like that.

WSS: Where do you shop?
SM: I go to Zumiez and Ragstock. I probably shop 80% at Ragstock. I gotten some pants from Forever 21 online.

WSS: Explain the pencil behind your ear and the buttons on your backpack.

SM: The pencil over the ear [is] where efficient comes in for VEC. [The buttons] are different; they add a little color. This past month I’ve spent 70 dollars on buttons and patches.

WSS: How does your lifestyle influence your fashion?

SM: I change styles a lot. I’m not bipolar, I just need change. I’ve always grown up with change, so it’s part of who I am.

WSS: Do you have any advice for people finding their style?

SM: For lack of better words, do you. There’s always going to be people who are judging or whatever, but if you really think about it, it’s minimal compared to the problems around the world. It’s just a be comfortable in your own skin kind of thing.

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