Fashion Friday: 2023 Fashion Predictions

As everyone is settling into the New Year Fashion Friday predicts the new year’s trends as well as gives their take on some popular predictions

1. “Mermaid-core” is not happening

Unlike fairy-core, which began during a pandemic, a time when everyone could comfortably wear any pair of wings in their own home, mermaid-core doesn’t have the same excuse for people to dress up like a mermaid. While elements of it may show up here in there in some outfits, the trend as generally seen on mood boards is far too impractical to be executed or prevalent in 2023.

2. Minimalistic styles with statement jewelry

2023 has kicked off with trends such as decluttering, and de-influencing. And while Marie Kondo, may have started receiving hate for her new statements on organization, her style of minimalism is laced throughout both of these trends. These past few years have had an abundance of micro-trends, from cottage-core to clean girl aesthetic, and people are growing tired of needing to keep up with it all. This 2023, expect people to focus more on keeping the number of items of clothes and accessories they own small and opting to invest in pieces that are timeless or spark joy.

3. Argyle

This prediction may be more wishful thinking than anything else, but there may be a chance that argyle comes into fashion, pun intended, this year. Since preppy and soft styles have been on the rise with the show Gossip Girl being popular once again and many participating in the coquette aesthetic, this pattern surely can’t be far behind. 

Some tips for styling argyle:

Pair it with a short pleated skirt, tights of any non-bright color, and a headband for a Gossip Girl look.

Or pair it with a pair of jeans and some gold jewelry for a more clean and more casual look.