Fashion Friday: Amelia Stevens

Amelia Stevens ’23 shares their thoughts on fashion.

Sila Duran, Print Assistant Design Editor

WSS: How would you describe your style?

Amelia Stevens ’23: I think my style is pretty basic. It’s definitely more subtle, like I don’t really wear a bunch of crazy pieces. Some people’s style is really in your face and you can pin it down, but I think mine is more casual. I just have a lot of interchangeable pieces. I can mix and match.

WSS: What is your process for picking out an outfit?

Stevens: I’ll be like, ‘I want to wear this pair of jeans today.’ And then I’ll be like, ‘That would look nice with this pair of jeans.’ I don’t go really crazy. Sometimes I’ll see something on Instagram that I think is cool or someone else at school and I’d be like ‘Imma to recreate that’, but usually it’s pretty simple. 

WSS: How does your style personify you?

Stevens: I think it’s kinda chill like me.

WSS: What colors do you gravitate towards?

Stevens: I don’t go for like bright colors. I go for a lot of blues and earth tones. I feel I really do have a lot of blue in my closet though. I don’t like really bright colors. I like more, you know, bland or one might say neutral colors. 

WSS: Do you typically wear any particular brands?

Stevens: I don’t wear any particular brands because I usually thrift or steal clothes from my dad. I do specifically get a lot of my clothes from The Second Act because I work there, and I just see clothes when they come in, putting clothes away or like rearranging stuff and be like, ‘Wow, that’s really cute. I must have that.’

WSS: Where do you get inspiration from?

Stevens: I get my inspo from, obviously, social medias like Pinterest or YouTube or Instagram, but I also occasionally get inspo from TV shows I watch. Recently I watched Derry Girls, which is this Irish show set in the 90’s, and like there’s some cool outfits in there [that inspire me.] I also work at The Second Act, which is a vintage and consignment store so I like getting inspo from just like the clothes we get and also customers who come in.

WSS: Any fashion advice?

Stevens: Just like in general, I think it’s easy to get caught up in micro-trends, like especially with social media and also in feeling like you don’t have any style because when you go online you see these influencers who are wearing a new outfit every single day, which I think is just not sustainable or realistic for an average person. So I think wear what you’re comfortable in and what makes you feel good. Don’t bind to all these trends or feel like you have to be innovating with each new outfit. It’s fine to outfit-repeat. That’d be my advice.