Powderpuff 2015


Sarah Longmire, Photo Editor

by Leah Dusterhoft

Junior and senior girls battled during the annual Homecoming Powder Puff flag football game on Thursday, September 24th. The game resulted in a pair of ripped shorts and a ripped shirt. The teams went back and forth, scoring two touchdowns each in regulation time. The junior team had a rough time, suffering from three turnovers in the Red Zone.

Junior Coach Nate Disterhoft `17 and Senior Coach Bo Knock `16 took to a game of rock, paper, scissors to settle what team would have possession first in overtime. Disterhoft won in two out of three sets.

Despite Disterhoft’s win in rock, paper, scissors, Jesse Harder `16 intercepted the junior ball, giving the seniors possession. The seniors were then able to score another touchdown, ending the game. Seniors won 21-14.

The game ended with laughter and smiles as the girls lined up to congratulate each other on a good game.

Photos by Sarah Longmire and Jeremy Hu

Sarah Powderpuff 2015Jeremy Powderpuff 2015