Washin’ away cancer

West High School Dance Marathon will hold a car wash to benefit children fighting cancer.


Fenna Semken, Online Editor-in-Chief

To kick off the start of another year of fundraising, West High School Dance Marathon (WHSDM) will host Washin’ Away Cancer, a car wash. This event will be held on Sunday, July 31 from 12:00-4:00 PM at the Coralville Hills Bank on 2nd Street.

The event will be free of cost, but donations will be appreciated. All of the money raised at this event will be donated to children with cancer.

Jenny Pigge ’17 has hopes that this event will not only educate the community, but increase support for those fighting cancer.

“I personally believe it’s important because it’s a wonderful and fun way for the community to come together,” Pigge said. “It’s a great way to raise awareness about WHSDM and our year-round mission to raise financial and emotional support for the kiddos and their families.”

Being the first fundraiser of the year, WHSDM volunteers hope to increase community participation in their events. Mady Nachtman ’18 believes the event is a great opportunity for public involvement.

“The car wash is our first big event of the year and it’s . . . to help raise money for the kids. It’s also a really great way for WHSDM to recruit and to get us all pumped for dance marathon this year,” Nachtman said. “It’s a really great way for us to get the community involved.”

Caitlyn McKenna ’17 aims to reach out to West High students.

“It’s one of our first fundraisers for this coming year, so we are hoping to get a lot of involvement between community members and students from West,” Caitlyn said. “This year we are trying to reach out to the 1440 Interact club more to join forces to help them get silver cord hours, and to help expand WHSDM’s volunteers. It’s a great opportunity to get more involved in the community and to help kids battling cancer.”

Bridget McKenna ’17 agrees on the importance of this event.

“The WHSDM car wash is just a really fun event that we hold in the summer to keep people excited about our cause,” Bridget said. “It’s really important to keep our name out there in the summer because cancer never stops so neither do we.”

To become involved with the car wash, click here to find a sign-up list for the car wash. This list can also be found using the link in WHSDM’s social media accounts. For more information about the car wash, click here. To learn more about WHSDM’s goals, click here.