Student mixtape – Jory Lamp ’17

Taylor Shelfo, Broadcast Anchor

file_000Straying away from typical mainstream downloads, Jory Lamp ’17 indulges in heavy metal rock. The songs she listens to contain complex meanings that make Lamp’s day better.

1.”Square Hammer”-Ghost
Ghost is a Swedish rock band and this song is featured on their Grammy Award winning album Meloria. They are currently on a world tour.

2.”Get High”-Red Zombie
Though Rob Zombie has been releasing music for decades, “Get High” is connecting with new audiences around the world.

3.”Testify”-Rage Against the Machine
“Testify” was released by Rage Against the Machine in 1999, but the meaning of the song is still resonating with people of all ages today. It is believed that the band based the song off of the 1984 Oceania government. The song utilizes the government’s slogan: “Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past.”

4.”How Does it Feel?”-Tonight Alive
Tonight Alive was formed in Sydney, Australia in 2008. The heavy metal band is unique for its eccentric lead singer, Jenna McDougall.

5.”Spit it Out”-Slipknot
Last but not least is Lamp’s all-time favorite band, Slipknot. The band was created in the 90’s in nearby Des Moines, Iowa.