Student mixtape: Dedieu Wabwend ‘17

Senior Dedieu Wabwend shares his current favorite songs.

Sadie Rhomberg, Reporter

A typical pump up playlist of a rugby player might include fast beat tunes and rap music, but that’s not the case for all. Senior Dedieu Wabwend shows that calm music can get you into those pre-game vibes.image1-1

1.  “Hello”- Adele 
Adele is one of Wabwend’s favorite artists, and he really likes the worldwide hit, “Hello”. The hit single has won many awards including iHeartRadio Song of the Year as well as Billboard’s Top Selling Song.

2. “Hall of Fame”- The Script ft. 
Before a big game many athletes have a pump up playlist full of songs with powerful and motivating messages. One of Wabwend’s favorites is “Hall of Fame” by The Script.
“When I hear the lyrics ‘and you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame’ I get really motivated,”  Wabwend said. 

3. “Love Theme”- Andre Rieu
Released in 1998, “Love Theme” by Andre Rieu is a mellow tune that calms down Wabwend’s mind. “I remember I was watching Romeo and Juliet in class, and I heard this song, and I really liked the rhythm of it.”

4. “Above All”-Michael W. Smith
Christian musician Michael W. Smith caught the attention of Wabwend with his song “Above All”. “It’s a Christian song, and I am Christian, so that’s why I like it,” he said.

5. “Photograph”- Ed Sheeran
Songs can connect to people in different ways. For Wabwend, Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Photograph” brings back fond memories of old friends. “I’m originally from South Africa. When I moved to the states and heard this song I thought of my friends” said Wabwend.